2021-22 Utah Valley Aquatics Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/25/21 - 11/27/21

Open for New Members

8/25/21 - 11/27/21


Welcome to the Utah Valley Aquatics Online Registration for 2021-22!

Remember that registration does NOT automatically give you access to the website. Our administrator has to put each individual into the system. It will take some time to get everyone processed. If you are new, you will get an email with information when your account is ready to go.

Please take time to carefully read through the registration instructions and UVA Participation Agreements.

Registration Instructions:

1. YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW YOUR SWIMMER'S WORKOUT GROUP. If you do not know your workout group, please contact Grant at [email protected] 

Please note: During the registration process, you will be asked to register your swimmer in a workout group. The group will be verified and confirmed by the team admin. If a workout group is changed, you will be notified before any other charges/credits are made to your account.

2. You will need a credit card to complete this online registration.

You will be paying the monthly dues. There is an annual registration fee of $50.00 for each swimmer. And there is a USA/Utah Swimming registration fee. There are three options: 1) Premium, $85.00/year; Flex, $20.00/year; and Outreach, $7.00/year. Most athletes will register as "Premium" members. Some new, beginning swimmers will register as "Flex"; you will have been notified by Grant if you are to use this option. If you have financial need (normally if you receive free- or reduced-school lunch benefits), please contact Grant and he will help you register as "Outreach."  Your USA Swimming/Utah Swimming registration fee covers the swimmer with liability insurance while at practice, organized events, and swim meets.

3. Help will be available through email at [email protected] If you need additional help, you can call or text Grant at 801.362.0820.

4. Registration is due by 11:59 pm, Monday, 30 August. Please meet the deadline.

5. Please remember this is a binding contract and you are responsible for any fees or outstanding dues associated with this agreement. These fees include all those that are outlined in the Participation Agreements.

Registration is not open. Please come back later.