Requirements to Join Clearfield City Aquatics Team Year Round Program

Grades K – 5: Must be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle with side-breathing, 25 yards of backstroke, and some skill development in breaststroke and butterfly.

Grades 6 – 9: Must be able to complete 100 yards of freestyle with side breathing, 50 yards of backstroke and some skill development in breaststroke and butterfly.

Grades 10 – 12: Must be able to complete 500 yards of freestyle and have a solid foundation in all 4 strokes.


Description:  This group is the entry point for Clearfield City Aquatics Team. In this group swimmers refine the stroke techniques developed as part of a learn-to-swim or pre-competitive program while increasing their fitness and developing correct training habits.  Bronze swimmers are asked to attend at least two sessions per week, and can swim a third session if they wish.

Grades: 5 and under

Ages:  8 – 10

Daily Training: 60 minutes; 3 x week

Daily Yardage:  1500 - 3000 yards

Goals: Drill expansion and improvement, refinement in technique and efficiency, early interval training development, race plans, and goal setting.  This is to be done in a manner that teaches swimming strength as well as enjoyment of the water.

Admittance Requirements: 

1) A willingness to learn and practice lap swimming etiquette

2) A desire to improve

4) The ability to swim all 4 strokes

5) Commitment to swim meet participation in developmental group



Description:  In this group swimmers continue to further refine their stroke technique while increasing their fitness and developing correct training habits. The distance covered and difficulty of training sessions increases. Interval training is introduced. Goal setting is also introduced with J.O. qualification becoming a target.  Members of this group should attend a minimum of 3 training sessions each week.  While 3 training sessions per week is the minimum required for this group, an attendance commitment of 85% will be required to advance to the gold group.

Grades:  5 – 7

Daily Training:  90 - 120 minutes; 4-6 x week

Daily Yardage:  3000 - 5000 yards

Goals:  Refine technique and efficiency, begin aerobic development, promotion of distance free and I.M. training, race tactics, detailed goal setting, time management

Admittance Requirements: 

1) Knowledge of pace clock

2) Completion of Silver Advancement Checklist (maintained by bronze coach)

3) 100% participation in bronze group for the previous month

4) Swim meet participation and proven swim meet experience

5) Proficient in all 4 strokes

6) Knowledge of all team drills

7) Desire to improve



Description:  This group is for swimmers who focus most but not necessarily all of their athletic attention on swimming or who may not yet be ready for the Senior group. They aim to compete successfully at J.O.’s and eventually qualify for Sectionals and/or advance to the Senior Group. During training phases of the training cycles, younger swimmers at this level are expected to attend 5 to 7 sessions each week (2 morning workouts offered).  Swimmers age 14 and over are expected to attend 7 to 10 sessions each week (5 morning workouts offered).

Grades: 7 – 9

Daily Training:  90 - 120 minutes; 4-6 x week

Daily Yardage:  4000 - 7000 yards

Goals:  Refine technique and efficiency, more advanced aerobic development, promotion of distance free and I.M. Training, race tactics, detailed goal setting using log books, heart rate monitoring, Introduction to energy system training, time management.

Admittance Requirements: 

1) 85% attendance in silver group for previous three months

2) Accomplishment of the gold level base workout

3) Ability to swim a timed 400 Freestyle and a timed 200 Freestyle

4) Attendance at swim meets

5) Ability to train aerobically

6) State Championship qualifying times must be a goal they are working towards

7) Work ethic



Description:  This group is for swimmers who exhibit a high level of swimming and training ability. Swimming for CCAT is their primary athletic activity. Exceptional swimmers as young as 11-12 years old may join this group. Generally, they have a skill level corresponding with J.O.'s finalists or young Sectional qualifiers. Swimmers in the Senior Group are expected to make a commitment to attend 5 to 9 sessions each week (depending on age & the period of the training cycle). They must be able to attend all the sessions required by their individual training plan.

Entry to this group will be dependent on the athletes’ long term commitment to high performance swimming, the coaching staff’s assessment of suitability, and their parents’ consent.

Grades:  9 and up

Daily Training:  120 minutes, 5-9 training sessions per week

Daily Yardage:  6000 - 16000 yards

Goals:  Maximize aerobic base and develop anaerobic capabilities, fine tune technique and efficiency, extensive goal setting, energy system training, mental training, time management, introduction to college swimming, academic excellence.

Equipment:  The equipment listed below must be purchased before the start of the season and must be brought to every practice: One “Finis” brand freestyle snorkel, fins, one mesh bag, one pair of hand paddles (size to be determined by coach), One pair “Finis” brand Freestyler paddles, water bottle, and shoes, shorts, and shirt for dry land. Optional items include: kickboard and pull buoy.

Dry-land:  Varied functional exercises including games, stretch cords, gymnastics, running, and introduction to strength training using a trainer.         

Admittance Requirements:         

1) 85% attendance in Gold group for previous 4 months

2) Attends one a.m. practice per week for 8 weeks prior to promotion. (Unless out of training cycle)

3) Signs Senior Contract with parent

4) Desire to work hard and commit to the demands of senior training and competition

5) Must have and maintain at least one state championship qualifying time

6) Must have current times in both the 1650 Freestyle and 400 Medley Events

7) Subject to coach's approval