Cottonwood Heights Aquatics Team is a recreation sponsored swim team.  The sponsorship comes to us mainly in the form of pool time (we don’t have to pay any) and subsidy of salary benefits for the Head Coach.  The rest of our expenses comes solely from dues and what we are able to fundraise.  As you know new equipment needs and the cost to repair existing equipment is always on the rise.  For example, a touch pad currently is $1000.00 each.  We have to either repair/replace these on a regular maintenance schedule along with many other equipment needs.


*Participate in Swim-a-Rama (held in the fall)

*Participate in our Scrip Program 

*Be a gold level sponsor or find a Gold Level Sponsor for our annual CHAT Invitational.

*Any other approved fundraiser opportunity that CHAT does.




Questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  If you have any other great ideas in relationship to fundraising, please let us know!

Ways to Fundraise...



Gold Level Sponsor