What ages of kids can join the swim team?  They can be any age as long as they can swim all 4 strokes as stated below.

How do you know if your child is ready to join?   If your child knows all four strokes and can swim a 50 yard freestyle, 50 yard backstroke, 50 yard breastroke and 25 yards butterfly, they are most likely ready to join.  We have tryouts monthly where coaches assess their strokes and will make the decision whether they are ready or needs a little more time.  If you arent sure bring them to a tryout to see where they are.

Can parents and siblings be on deck to watch practices?  Yes, although we ask that you not interrupt your swimmer or talk with the coaches during practice time.

Do I need to buy a team suit?  A team suit is recommended for competition meets your swimmer wear a navy blue suit.  Polo Loco in Draper will give you a swimmers discount.  For practices any swimsuit is ok.

Do I need to volunteer at swim meets?  Yes.  Swim meets can not be run without the help of the parent volunteers.  One aduld (or responsible teenager) from each family needs to volunteer at meets. Volunteering is fun and you will get to watch all your swimmer's races no matter what your volunteer assignment is.  You will be notified of the meets you need to sign up for volunteering.

What ways can parents support the swim team?   Many parent volunteers are needed to run a swim meet and many jobs do not require any swimming knowledge. Timers, start and turn judge, referee, hospitality team activities etc.

My swimmer is new to the team, will they receive stroke instruction at practice?  Yes.  There will be lots of specific stroke instruction at practices, especially for the younger age groups.  

My child is doing multiple sports and needs to miss practice, is that OK?  Yes.  Talk with their coach and let them know when they can expect them at practice and when they will be doing their other sports.

What if a swimmer becomes ill on the day of the meet - who should we contact?   If your swimmer becomes ill on the day of the meet, please email the head coach.

How many days per week are we required to swim?  Stingrays and otters groups are required to attend 3 practices per week but is more beneficial to attend as many as they can.

Do we get a discount for having multiple children on CHAT?  Yes.  For each additional swimmer you have on CHAT there will be a 10% discount on the quarterly dues.

If we join the CHAT, do we have to compete?  It is recommended that you participate in at least 1 swim meet per month.

Why should my child swim?  There are so many benefits to getting your child involved in competitive swimming!

• Swimming promotes physical development.

• Swimming develops aerobic endurance and is one of the most beneficial forms of cardiovascular exercise.

 • Swimming enhances a child’s natural flexibility and promotes muscle development.

• Swimming develops superior coordination.

• Swimming is the most injury-free of all children’s sports.

• Swimming is a sport that will bring children fitness and enjoyment for life.

• Swimming promotes time management and is one of the top academically achieving sports.

• Swimming is an important safety skill for young children.