Our Mission: Cottonwood Heights Aquatics Team is dedicated to the pursuit of swimming excellence based on the principles of integrity, work ethic, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Cottonwood Heights Aquatics strives to implant in it’s athletes an understanding and appreciation of such values and concepts as improving self-esteem, personal accountability, self motivation, mental toughness, physical fitness, goal setting, respect for others, team spirit and loyalty. We believe these concepts are as significant as achievement in swimming. Our goal is to not only produce great athletes, but also to produce great people who are a continuing credit to the sport of swimming and our community.

Our mission is to guide and direct our young people toward each individuals fullest use of their talent and abilities with the belief that realizing their potential in swimming will prove valuable in all areas of their lives as they grow and develop.

The current structure and central philosophy of Cottonwood Heights Aquatics Team (CHAT) began to take shape in 1974 with the hiring of Russ Lauber (ASCA Level IV) as Head Coach. A small community recreational program prior to that, the team – with the addition of a number of families who followed Coach Lauber from his previous position at the Ute Swim Club, immediately tripled in size and depth, and followed the Ute Utah State Age Group State Championship in 1974 with their first (of 70) in March of 1975.

CHAT has gone through various structure and personality changes over the 35 years, including Parents Clubs, a Boosters Club, fund raising structures, power fluctuations and control, but gradually evolved to the current level of structure and efficiency we now enjoy. As a pridefully sponsored program of the community and the Community Recreation Center, and with the support of an entirely volunteer parent organization, the coaching staff is afforded unparalleled professional status and support in running a highly efficient organization.

CHAT’s Central Philosophy (reflected in our Mission Statement) has also evolved gradually, and with the addition of Todd Etherington (ASCA Level V) as Head Age Group Coach/Team Administrator in 1992 - and now Head Coach in 2001, staff professionalism, consistency and stability is truly one of our more unique features of any USA Swimming program anywhere. Although CHAT has boasted its fair share of Utah state champions, Top 16 in the country, Zone, Junior National, Senior National qualifiers, three "home grown" Olympic Trials qualifiers and so far 1 Olympian (Long Gutierrez represented Mexico in Rio during the 2016 Olympics), as a self-avowed development program we emphasize the importance of raising effective people first, and effective swimming will follow.