Murray Aquatic Club communication plan will utilize the following tools in our efforts to keep our members informed and prepared for success in and out of the water. 

Team Website

The team website will be the centerpiece of our communication plan.  The website is located at The website will include all pertinent information regarding member registration, team structure, practice and swim meet schedules, team announcements, and team contact information.  It will also act as an archive for team policy documents, meet results, meet information, directions to away meets, team records & top times, parent and swimmer education articles.


The MAC coaching staff will utilize email as the primary form of direct communication with the team as a whole.  Any time sensitive announcements, practice changes or cancelation, meet entry deadline reminders, and upcoming event info will be sent out via group email.  If you need to reach the coaching staff please contact Coach Adam at [email protected], Sena Vick at [email protected] or Shannon Sorensen (Team Administrator) at [email protected]

Parent Meeting

The MAC coaching staff will host pre-season group parent meetings.  These meetings will cover group objectives, coaching philosophy, and athlete/parent expectations. Parent meeting notes will be posted to the team website. 

Parent/Coach Conference

The MAC coaching staff may request an individual meeting with an athlete and their parent(s).  This type of meeting could be scheduled to discuss any of a number of items ranging from athlete development to disciplinary issues. 

Comments, Complaints or Issues

  1. The MAC coaching staff aims to respectfully address any disagreements that may arise between parents, athletes, and coaches.   Please utilize the following steps when communicating complaints or concerns with a member of the MAC coaching staff.
  2. Speak directly to your child’s primary coach about the matter.  This may require a parent/coach conference.  Please note that it is not appropriate to discuss matters of this nature during practice time or on the pool deck with other parent or athlete members of the team present.
  3. Speak directly to the head coach regarding the matter.  The head coach will address the complaint with the coach in question (if necessary) and may request a parent/coach meeting to resolve the issue. 
  4. Communicate directly to the MAC pool manager.  A written complaint may be required at this time in order for the Pool Manager and the Head Coach to come to a final decision on the matter.