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Important notice regarding the future of OTAC

On August 13, 2021, the OTAC membership voted to dissolve the club.   The club is in the process of winding down operations.  Other opportunities for competitive swim can be found in other clubs and teams in Utah Valley. 

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Before the meet, sign up for the events that your swimmer will participate.  If you don't know what events to sign your swimmer up for, talk to your swimmer's coach. 

Next, plan what to bring to the meet.  This would include swim items:  goggles, spare goggles if possible, water, snacks, sharpie (see below...) cap, and another cap if your swimmer is double capping, and a towel.  You should also bring things to do.  Swim meets involve a great deal of sitting and waiting for your swimmer's next event.  Chairs, phone, tablet, a book, a game, extra battery packs, and snacks.  If the meet is outside, consider bringing a source of shade like a beach umbrella or a big shade tent.  Think of an outdoor meet like a day at the beach.  

When you get to the meet, there's a few things to keep in mind.  First, find and take a picture of the heat sheets.  These are probably taped to a wall somewhere.  It's handy to have pictures on your phone for reference.  Next, find your swimmers event, heat and lane numbers.  Write these on your swimmer's forearm with the sharpie you brought with you.  If you are into triathlon, this is like body marking.  It's a good idea to get to the meet early in time for warm ups.  Getting there early is also a good strategy for finding a space to sit at the meet.    

During the meet, get your swimmer to the bullpen before their event.  Usually, there is a whiteboard with the current events seated in the bullpen somewhere near the bullpen.  You may have seen swimmers in the bullpen at the Olympics.  Same concept but probably less intense.  

Immediately after each event, your swimmer should find and talk to the OTAC coaches.  If your swimmer's coach is not there, talk to a different coach.  

Results are posted during the meet on paper, but usually long after the meet has ended.  Results from home meets are aways sent out by email after the meet.  

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