What is OTAC?

Orem Timpanogos Aquatics Club is a competitive year-round swim club. The club is registered with USA Swimming, which is the national governing body of competitive swimming in the United States. OTAC functions under the rules and regulations of USA Swimming.

OTAC seeks to develop hardworking, disciplined, and sportsmanlike swimmers.  OTAC hopes that as swimmers participate, they will have fun, learn to swim better, make good friends, become more fit, and learn lifelong skills of setting goals, teamwork, and the value of hard work and dedication.

Where is practice?

OTAC swims at the Orem Fitness Center (580 W. 165 S., Orem, UT). This indoor pool can be configured as either a 25-yard pool (short course) or a 50-meter pool (long course).

During the summer months, many of our athletes swim in the early morning hours at the Orem Scera Pool (701 S. State, Orem, UT), which is a 25-meter outdoor pool.

When/how often do you practice?

Practice times depend on the team; all teams practice 5 days a week

How old do you have to be?

We take swimmers of all ages, from 6-year old beginners to our Masters program (over 18).

What swim equipment do I need?

All teams need a swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, kickboard, fins, and a water bottle. Advanced teams need a pull buoy, paddles, and a snorkel. An optional mesh bag is useful to carry gear.

It is helpful to have extra goggles, cap, and swimsuit in your swim bag as a backup.

How much does your program cost?

Fees range from $65 to $75 dollars per month, depending on your swimmer's team. Discounts are available for families with multiple swimmers.

There is an annual USA Swimming/Club registration fee of $110 per swimmer that is due at the time of sign-up and then each year in August.

How much do meets cost?

Meet fees range from $10-$65, with most meets around $45.

All OTAC teams compete in meets (with the exception of the White teams). Beginning teams are required to compete in at least 1 meet per quarter. Intermediate/advanced teams are required to compete in 2 or more meets per quarter.

What about service hours?

OTAC requires each family to complete 9 services hours during the Short Course season (August-March) and 4 service hours during Long Course season (April-July). This requirement can be met by volunteering at meets (timing, award labeling, meet marshaling, etc.) or other opportunities as they arise. If you attend meets, these hours are easy to achieve, and any member of your family over the age of 12 can help to fulfull these hours. If you are unable to fulfill these hours, you are charged $15 per uncompleted hour.

How does my swimmer join?

Each new swimmer must tryout with a coach before registering. To sign up for a tryout, please email our team registrar at [email protected].

What does my swimmer need to bring to a tryout?

Swimmers should wear a swimsuit and goggles (and bring a towel). Long hair should be tied back.

What happens at tryouts?

Swimmers will be asked to swim one length (25 yards) of the pool in freestyle and backstroke. They may be asked to do breaststroke and butterfly (experience in these strokes is preferred). Proficiency in each stroke is not required. Coaches also look at the swimmer’s endurance level (to endure a 1-hour workout).

Coaches will then make a recommendation for an appropriate team. If there is space available on the recommended team, you may go online to the OTAC website and register.


Because of high interest in OTAC, many of our entry level teams are currently FULL and have waitlists.

Please contact our registrar Ashley Shumway ([email protected]) to schedule a tryout and/or check waitlist status.

**please include child's name, age, grade, & swim experience (club/recreation)