Important notice regarding the future of OTAC

On August 13, 2021, the OTAC membership voted to dissolve the club.   The club is in the process of winding down operations.  Other opportunities for competitive swim can be found in other clubs and teams in Utah Valley. 

USA Swimming Safety Notice to Parents:

To avoid risk or serious injury, no swimmer who has not been properly trained should attempt to perform a racing start, from either a starting block or the side of the pool, into less that six feet of water.

USA Swimming has implemented a racing start certification program where a swimmer’s coach documents his or her professional judgement that a swimmer has demonstrated sufficient skill to safely perform a racing start into four feet of water.

Although somewhat unusual, swimmers do not always participate in swimming competitions under the supervision of a certified coach.  It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure the swimmer does not attempt to perform a racing start in less than six feet of water if the swimmer has not been properly certified by the swimmer’s coach to do so.