Parent meeting packet
Inludes current team policies, the OTAC Honor Code, and codes of conduct for parents, swimmers and coaches. Including video of the Fall 2020 Parent meeting (which was held on zoom).

Become an official
How and why to become a trained USA Swimming official for meets. Officials are a critial part of the club’s ability to host and participate in meets. Being an official may also enable you to answer your swimmer’s questions about strokes and rules.

Board meeting minutes
A record of issues discussed by the board as well as decisions made.

Outreach forms
The Utam Swimming and USA Swimming outreach program seeks to make swimming available to all families regardless of their financial sitation. Families currently in need of financial aid to join or maintain membership in USA swimming may qualify for significantly reduced fees.



Meet photos
At some meets, especially intrasquad meets, some parents take photographs of swimmers. Parents are welcome to download pictures of their swimmers. Contact Mike Jones, the club secretary, for the photo site password. If you’d like to take pictures at a meet, sign up for the team photographer volunteer position.

Meets 101
New to swim meets? The Meets 101 packet will help navigate the first few swim meets.

How to sign up for a meet

How to volunteer for a job
Families are responsible to complete volunteer hours during each swim season. Read this guide to know how to volunteer.