Park City Swimming is a USA swimming club open to athletes age 7-18 who are familiar, proficient, and comfortable in the water. The primary goals are to provide instruction in all strokes, starts and turns, and specialized competitive skills. Specifically, we work on techniques to improve stroke efficiency while having fun and instilling a love for the life long skill and sport that is swimming.


Our mission is to encourage team members to lead well-rounded lives and to fully develop their academic, creative, social, and athletic abilities. We do this by helping each individual become the best athlete they can be. We also recognize that each person’s definition of success is different and of equal value, whether it’s to set personal records, make it on the national team, or to just master all the strokes. This is a focused but fun educational program that looks to instill confidence in each and every member so they can be successful in any endeavor of their choosing.


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Spring 2021 Team Cap Order

CITY, Here is the order form for new caps. Orders are due by Fri, 4/30. This is your only chance for the season to...

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2020 Park City Swimming Digital Scavenger Hunt!!!

PARK CITY SWIMMING, The coaches are so excited to bring you the 2020 Park City Swimming Digital Scavenger Hunt! SCAVENGER HUNT All swimmers and...

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PCS Team Picture Day - Thursday Nov 14, 2019

PCS! We are excited to announce our team picture day on Thursday, November 14th. It's been a long time since we have done anything...

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September 2018 Newsletter

September 2018 PCS Team Newsletter Why the Coach picks the Meet Events  

Spring 2017 Team Apparel Orders

PCS, it's that time again to order TEAM GEAR AND APPAREL.  Please see the order form for all the specific info.  If you have questions,...

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