Welcome to Park City Swimming, one of the premier swims clubs in Utah and the western US.  We know and appreciate that there are lots of youth activities available, but we are very excited about your interest in the best your sport available:  SWIMMING!  We want every member to have a positive experience with our program.  PCS is dedicated to providing the best environment that allows all of our members the opportunity to RACE, have FUN, be SAFE and shoot for their DREAMS.   


Common Myths of Year-Round Swimming

You have to be fast.

Our beginning groups are designed to welcome new swimmers into the sport and introduce them to competitive swimming. We believe and teach that competitive swimming is a journey that takes a great attitude and positive effort!

It's too hard.

Our program's level of difficulty increases as the athlete improves and learns new skills.  We look at an swimmer's career as a marathon, not a sprint, thus allowing us a gradual increase in training while focusing on technique.

It's too serious.  It doesn't seem fun.

Swimming is a lifelong activity.  PCS has designed the program for each individual swimmer to achieve whatever their goals and dreams may be.  Swimming can lead to so many positive experiences that swimmers can enjoy for a lifetime.  Many of our swimmers view their teammates as family.  PCS members appreciate the fact that they can have fun and learn valuable life skills along the way.

The coaches only care about the "fast" swimmers.

Every member of the PCS family is vital to the success of the team.  Part of the excitement for our newest swimmers is them watching the more experienced swimmers and getting excited about our sport.  We teach all of our members that they are the examples for each other and for our potential members as well.  We know that sometimes it looks like the coaching play favorites.  Generally the favorites are those athletes who show up consistently for practice, work the hardest, and pay attention and lead by example.  Speed has nothing to do with it.

Year-round club swimming is too time-consuming and takes away from academics.

Many studies have show that year-round swimming has proven to enhance academic performance through self-discipline, time management, attention to detail and focus on what needs to be done.

I am not fast enough to swim in college.

If swimming in college is a goal, we will help you achieve that goal.  There are so many opportunities for collegiate swimming!  There are multiple divisions of collegiate swimming all over the country that offer fantastic experiences to student athletes.