Beginning September of 2020

USA Swimming Membership

  • All swimmers of Park City Swimming are required to be registered members of USA Swimming.  
  • Park City Swimming will renew the USA Swimming registration for current members each fall and bill your account. 
  • New members joining Park City Swimming will complete the registration process after the try-out.  The USA Swimming registration will be taken care of at this time. 
  • USA Swimming Membership is valid from September 1st of the current year until December 31st of the coming year.  The annual cost of PCS membership (including the USA Swimming registration) is:
    • $135 for new members (includes team cap, fins, mesh equipment bag and a kickboard).
    • $100 for returning members.

Benefits of USA Swimming Membership include:

  • Eligibility for USA Swimming sanctioned events such as camps and clinics, from local to national level meets.
  • Subscription to Splash Magazine, USA Swimming's bi-monthly publication.
  • Use of the SWIMS database to track times and performance.
  • Participation in motivational programs such as National Age Group Top 10 and Scholastic All-American.
  • Excess insurance by way of general liability and excess accidental medical coverage.



Due to the funness of 2020, Park City Swimming will suspend quarterly dues and go with a monthly dues schedule.

Group Monthly Fees
Explorer $73
Imagination $78
Voyager $78
Legacy $83

PCS bills on a quarter cycle.  For more information on the billing process, please visit the Parent Info page.  Quarterly dues are assessed on September 1st, December 1st, March 1st, and June 1st.  The Quarterly Dues schedule is as follows:

Group Quarterly Fees
Explorer $219/quarter
Imagination $234/quarter
Voyager $234/quarter
Legacy $249/quarter



PCS has a family obligation fee assessed to each family.  The PCS Booster Club is a non-profit organization (making the family obligation fee a tax write-off) that puts on several activities and events for the team throughout the year.  By charging a nominal fee, the Booster club can provide great activities and opportunities for all team members. 

The PCS Family Obligation Fee is $75 and your account will automatically be billed.

New PCS members will be assessed the obligation fee at the time of registration.



  • All swim meets, with the exception of the FUNdamental meets, will have meet fees associated with them.
  • Typically, a meet will have a surcharge and individual event fees.  At local meets, surcharges will range between $6-15 with individual event fees ranging from $3-6 per event.  Some meets will charge a flat fee that is all-inclusive.
  • Meet fees for higher-end competitions and out of state meets will be considerably higher than local events. 
  • All out of state team travel trips will have a team travel fee.  This fee is usually $75 per swimmer, but can be lower if there a lot of swimmers attending.