How to Join PCS

Swimmers, age 7 and over, interested in joining Park City Swimming must attend a 2-day tryout and be there both days. Swimmers will need to bring a suit, goggles, and a towel.  Swimmers with long hair should wear a swim cap.  Rash guards, sun shirts, 2 piece suits, and wetsuits are NOT allowed for try-outs or practice. 

During the tryout, potential team members will be evaluated on:

  • Stroke technique and how they move through the water.
  • Completing a timed 100 Freestyle with rhythmic breathing.
  • Completing a timed 50 Backstroke.
  • Knowledge of breaststroke kick.
  • Knowledge of dolphin kick.
  • Treading water and floating.
  • Performing a dive from the side or the starting block.

Swimmers interested in the tryout should show up at 6:40 PM and meet behind the starting blocks, closer towards the hot tub.  Parents are permitted to watch the tryout from the stands.

Upon successful completion of the tryout, swimmers will immediately be notified if they make the team and what group they will be placed in.

Upcoming Try-Out Dates and Times


APR:  No Tryouts due to Lockdown

MAY:  5 (Tue) & 7 (Thu) @ 6:45 PM

JUN:  2 (Tue) & 4 (Thu) @ 6:45 PM

JUL:  7 (Tue) & 9 (Thu) @ TBD

AUG: No tryouts



Moving to Park City

Swimmers moving into the area that are currently registered with a USA Swimming team, or that have been on a USA Swimming club in the past, should contact Head Coach Mike Werner at   

If you have additional questions about the team, please email a PCS coach at