Important Practice Information:

Be on time - this helps run smooth!

Be prepared - make sure you have all the necessary equipment!  

Have a good attitude - come prepared to learn, have fun, work hard.  Be a team player!


Required Training Equipment

If your swimmer wears a swim cap, it must be a team cap.  We are proud to be PCS!!!

Discover Group - Fins, Mesh Bag, Water Bottle

Explorer Group - Fins, Mesh Bag, Water Bottle 

Imagination Group - Fins, Mesh Bag, Water Bottle, Catalyst Paddles (snorkel optional)

Voyager Group - Fins, Catalyst Paddles, Mesh Bag, Water Bottle, Snorkel (agility paddles optional)

Legacy Group - Fins, Catalyst Paddles, Mesh Bag, Snorkel, Pull Buoy, Water Bottle (Agility Paddles optional)