Dues, Fees and Billing


If you have QUESTIONS about billing or your account, please contact the PCS Admin at pcscoach@pcschools.us.


Important Information about LEAVING PCS

  1. Members that decide to leave PCS must notify the PCS Team Administrator (pcscoach@pcschools.us) by email before the 21st day of the coming quarter/month that you will no longer be participating with PCS.  If a member leaves during the 1st or 2nd month of a quarter, dues are not prorated or refundable.    
  2. Departing members are obligated to pay any outstanding monies owed to PCS. 
  3. Dues will continue to accrue until PCS administration is notified in writing of leaving the team or taking a leave of absence.
  4. There are NO REFUNDS.
  5. If a member decides to return to PCS, there will be a $20 account reactivation fee.