2018 PCS Swim-A-Long

Date:    Saturday, November 3rd

Time:    8:00 AM-12:00 PM @ PCAC


The Park City Swimming Swim-A-Long is our annual team fundraiser to help earn money for the various needs of the team.  All PCS swimmers should participate.   


The PCS Swim-A-Long is a great opportunity for the swimmers to help benefit the team as well as themselves.  Swimmers get to have a great workout, build team camaraderie and participate in the best youth sport in the community.  The event is a great way to educate the community about Park City Swimming and the benefits that the team and sport provide.  Also, this is a great event for parents to interact with their swimmer and keep track of their laps/time, as well as socialize with the other parents on the team. 


We have a goal for over 80 PCS swimmers to swim in the event, swim over 200 miles and raise over $16,000!  We would love to have each swimmer of PCS raise at least $100.  


Swimmers will earn prizes for the certain levels of money raised. The prizes are as follows:

$150-199         Speedo Ventilator Mesh Bag

$200-324         $25 gift card to Jupiter Bowl

$325-449         $50 Gift card (All-American Swim Shop, Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Google Play)

$450-574         $100 Gift card (All-American Swim Shop, Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Google Play)

$575-749         $150 Gift card (All-American Swim Shop, Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Google Play)

$750-999         Speedo LZR Elite X Championship Suit

$1000 +           iPad


There will also be prizes for the highest fundraiser in each group and the swimmer who completes 5000 yards the fastest. 


How to do the FUNdraiser

Swimmers should petition family, friends, neighbors and businesses for donations.  Parents can help their swimmer by being supportive and advising them on whom to contact.  The money earned will go towards:

  • A donation to a club swim team in need.
  • Swim Clinic
  • Pace Clock
  • Training equipment
  • Team travel
  • Activities and Socials
  • Prizes for participants
  • A donation to the Park City Aquatic Center for supporting the swim team
  • Coach’s education and clinics

We will be using our TeamUnify Platform to help us in our fundraising efforts.  When you log into your account, you will see a big pop-up that will take you to the fundraising portion of the website.  Also, an email will be sent out with instructions on how to set up your account. 


If you want to do your fundraising without the aid of the website, you can go to the Swim-A-Long tab on the team website and get the forms there.  Money raised for the Swim-A-Long should be turned in to Coach Serena by Friday, November 30th.  Swimmers are encouraged to turn in their earnings a few times so that they don’t risk losing the money or leaving it sitting around someplace. 


How the Swim-A-Long Swim Works

  • Swimmers will have 2 hours to complete their swim.   
  • The distances each group will be swimming is listed below. 
  • Legacy and Voyager groups will be swimming for time from 8-10 AM. 
  • Imagination, Explorer and Discovery groups will be swimming from 10-Noon (there swim will be a workout; coaches for these groups will instruct the swimmers on how they may complete the swim and what equipment, if any, can be used.)
  • Each swimmer must provide their own timer/counter. 

At the Swim-A-Long, swimmers will swim the following distances: 

  • Explorer/Discovery     2500 yards (50 laps/100 lengths - this will be a workout.)
  • Imagination                  4000 yards (80 laps/160 lengths)
  • Voyager/Legacy         5000 yards (100 laps/200 lengths)

There will be free swim time for family members and friends from 8 AM-12:00 PM! 


If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a coach before or after practice!






The PCS Coaching Staff


Sample Donation Letters

Donations Tracking Sheet

Donations Receipt