South Davis Aquatics Team Athlete Code of Conduct

As a member of the SDAT Tsunami’s I will abide by the following rules:

  1. I will be respectful to any person who has been asked to coach and will treat them with respect.
  2. I will be respectful to all of the other swimmers in my group. I will not disrupt others in my group during practice.
  3. I will shower off before I enter the pool.
  4. I will go through the front gate and understand I may have to sign in before I come in. I will not enter through the exit doors or let someone else in through those doors.
  5. I will be respectful to all other facility patrons and employees. I will listen and follow the direction of the lifeguards and aquatic staff.
  6. I will treat the facility with respect.
  7. I am responsible for my own equipment and clean up after myself each practice.

I am proud to represent the South Davis Aquatics Team and I will represent the team with the utmost respect both at my facility and while I am visiting other facilities at a swim meet or another event.