South Davis Aquatics Team Swim Meet Policies

  1. Meets are posted on the Events page of Team Unify once they are available for sign up. Please pay attention as to which groups are invited. Most meets are set up to declare your intent to swim and comment if you are only available certain days.
    1. Event pages on team website list what groups are attending each meet. PLEASE READ THESE!  Meet fees are posted to your sportsman accounts (front desk). These fees MUST BE PAID AFTER CONCLUSION OF A MEET.
  2. Coaches will pick events the swimmers will compete in. If you have specific request, please put them in the comments section on the sign-up page.
  3. Day of the Meet: By signing your swimmer up for a meet, you are agreeing to the following:
    1. Getting your swimmer there on time. On time = changed in swim suit, cap/goggles ready to warm up at the start of warm ups.  Please have your swimmer to the facility 15 min before warm up starts. 
    2. Swimmers need to wear Team attire at swim meets, no high school or summer league caps/attire. Be proud to represent Tsunami.
  4. Volunteering during the meet (ie timing, meet marshal, hospitality, program sales etc.) No shows for assigned volunteer positions will result in a $25 charge per missed assignment. If you cannot fill your assignment, you must find a replacement.
  5. Scratches/ No Shows:  If anything has changed, and your swimmer is no longer able to attend, you must notify Chad or Sharen no later than the date and time meet registration closes. Otherwise, their entries will be submitted and you will be responsible for the meet fees regardless of whether you attend the meet or not. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  6. If your swimmer must scratch from an event, session or entire meet, you must notify Sharen AND your swimmer’s coach or it will be considered a No Show. (Please remember, if it is past the deadlines listed above, you will be responsible for the fees.)
    1. Any undocumented No shows at a swim meet will result in a $15 charge PER MEET SESSION to your front desk account.

Timing at Away Meets:

  1. By signing your child up for an away meet, understand that part of that obligation is the possibility of having to time at that meet.
  2. Timing positions for away meets get emailed out as soon as we are notified what they are
  3. If we do not get timers to fill away meet positions we will start assigning timers based on what swimmers are at the meet.
  4. If a timing position is assigned to you it is your responsibility to either show up or find a replacement
  5. Our coaches should not have to take time away from your swimmers to track down timers at meets.