South Davis Aquatics Team Fees Policies


Monthly Dues: SDAT uses an automatic withdrawal system through the South Davis Rec Center (NOT TEAM UNIFY) for monthly swim team dues. You must have a debit or credit card on file with the Rec Center for this monthly fee. This is the only method of payment for the monthly team dues. There is a minimum one-year commitment. If you leave the team prior to the first year, you will be charged a $25 early cancellation fee.

Withdrawing Swimmer from Team: If you decide to withdraw your swimmer from the team, you MUST fill out the “Request to Cancel EFT Withdrawal” form. This needs to be turned in at least 10 days prior to the end of the month in order to avoid being charged for the following month. Your front desk account must be current, and your volunteer hours completed or paid for, prior to the auto withdrawals being stopped.

Swim Meet Fees & Team Gear (snorkels, caps, shirts etc.): These fees are added to your front desk account and MUST BE KEPT CURRENT. Any outstanding fees may result in your swimmer not being allowed to practice or compete.

USA Yearly Registration: This fee must be paid in order for your swimmer to participate with the team. It will be added to your front desk account when your registration packet is returned.

Annual Family Team Fee: In September each family is asked to contribute $30 to the team. This money goes toward helping support the team with different activities (team dinners, breakfasts, swim clinics etc.), buying team equipment and other things throughout each season. If you are joining the team in March or later the fee is reduced to $15. This is a fee that is paid per family, not per swimmer. This fee will be added to your front desk account when your registration packet is turned in. 

Other Fees:  Any fee you incur due to non-documented scratches, unfulfilled volunteer hours, or no show for a volunteer job position for which you committed to will be added to your front desk account.  You will be responsible to pay this fee within one week of it being posted to your account.

High School Swimmers/ Taking Break from Team: If your swimmer decides to leave the team for high school swimming or any other reason, we will not reduce fees. You may continue to pay monthly dues and save your swimmers spot on the team, or you may withdraw and cancel your EFT’s in which case your roster spot will no longer be guaranteed.


South Davis Aquatics Team Fees

Registration Fees

$30 set up fee (1 per family)
$85 USA Swimming Registration Fee (1 per swimmer)
First Months Dues (Calculated based on what swim groups swimmers are assigned to) 
$30  Annual Family Team Fee (Reduced to $15 if joining after February)

Meet Fees

In addition to monthly fees, there are fees associated with every meet. There is normally an athlete surcharge and a fee per event that your athlete swims. Specific fees for each meet can be found on the event page for that meet. All meet fees are due 1 week after the meet has concluded. 

Swim Group

SDRC Member Monthly Dues

SDRC Non Member Monthly Dues













  Junior Elite







NOTE: The monthly swim team fee is charged at the begininng of the month to the credit card on file for your front desk account. All other fees are added to your front desk account and need to be paid online or at the front desk within 30 days. Any balance on your account after 30 days will be chared to the credit card on file.