For questions/concerns, email: [email protected]

**Volunteer Hour Requirements for 2022/2023 Season are 6 hours per family**

**Volunteer credits can be obtained by volunteering at Home swim meets and Rec Center events (i.e. Races, Triathlon, Spooktacular)

**In order to sign up and get credit for volunteering, you must use the job sign up feature through the events page of Team Unify

**If your high school swimmer chooses to quit SDAT during the high school season but then returns once high school swimming is over, you will only be required to do half of the year’s hours (from 3/1/23 - 8/31/23)

**It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure yearly volunteer hours are completed in order to avoid fees at the end of the season…However, many volunteer jobs can be completed by your swimmers. I encourage you to let them help in completing the required hours.
To assist with tracking, you will receive an email quarterly stating how many hours you have completed. If there are discrepancies, you must email the Team Manager so they can be resolved.

**If you choose to leave our team before your hours are completed, you will be billed $20/hour for each of your remaining hours. This charge MUST BE PAID IN FULL before your auto withdraw payments will stop.

**Any hours not completed by August 31, 2022, will be billed at the rate of $20/hour, no exceptions. To avoid paying for hours, please take advantage of the numerous volunteer opportunities throughout the year!

**If you happen to volunteer without signing up through the "Job Sign up" (being asked to time at a meet when needed) you will need to fill out the form below in order to get credit for the hours that you volunteered.

Swim meets and Rec center activities rely on parent participation!!  Thank you for your assistance!!

Reporting Tsuami Volunteer hours