SUSA is set up for two progressive tracks -- Track 1 (Developmental) and Track 2 (High Performance).  Moving up automatically happens with age, but you choose your Track.

Track 2 is for swimmers who are committed to the sport, the team and their success as athletes.  Commitment to practice attendance, meet attendance and team events is higher than the Track 1 equivalent teams.  These athletes train to achieve qualifying times for upper-level meets, but still compete in home and developmental meets for experience.  Traveling is an option, but not required.

Track 1 is for swimmers who are starting out, who want to do fewer practices per week and only attend home meets.  Commitment level and expectations are less than in Track 2.  Training for these groups is focused more on stroke development and preparing for developmental competitions.


Moving up for most swimmers happens by age.  However, swimmers may also move between tracks -- for example, a swimmer in Royals 1 may choose to move "up" to Royals 2 because they made a qualifying time or want to train at a higher level.  Technically, they are changing tracks, not moving "up."  Alternately, a swimmer who needs to move from Track 2 to Track 1 may also do so; this is not considered a move "down."

Royals 1 move up to Stingrays 1 when they are 13-14, then to Senior Development when they are 15-16 (9-10th grade).

Royals 2 move up to Stingrays 2 when they are 13-15, then to National Development when they are 15-16.


Royals 1 Royals 2
Stingrays 1 Stingrays 2
Senior Development National Development