Meet Marshall Duties

  • Ensure social distancing on deck
  • Patrol locker rooms to ensure swimmer safety (MAAPP compliance)
  • Enforce proper use of warmup lanes
  • If necessary, enforces facility and meet rules (like no taking pictures behind the block, no deck entrance for unauthorized personnel, etc)

Timer Duties

  • Use stopwatch to take race times and record them on the timer sheets.
  • Depress “pickle” to stop the race in the computer.
  • Double-check swimmer’s name on the timer sheets.

Head Timer Duties

  • Start and stop back up stopwatches in case of timer or watch error.
  • Assist timers when needed.
  • Distribute, collect and sanitize watches, clipboards and writing utensils before and after the meet.

Hospitality Duties

  • Distribute food and drink to meet personnel every 30-45 minutes throughout the meet session.

Check-In Duties

  • Check swimmers in (you will have sheets) before warmups.


  • Affix printed award labels to ribbons & medals.
  • Score the meet if necessary (you will receive further instructions)

Computer Operator

  • This is a trained position – it is not hard to learn, but we have you train at least two sessions of a meet before you operate the computer on your own.
  • Computer operators are encouraged to certify as Administrative Officials (see below), which offer double service when you work a meet.
  • We also offer Computer Operator Trainee as a job at most meets.


  • This job offers double service hours, but does require certification and on-deck training prior to LSC approval (from the state).
  • Once you have completed your training, SUSA will reimburse the cost of your USA Swimming membership.  As long as you actively officiate SUSA meets, we will register you in subsequent years.

Administrative Official

  • Helps coordinate operations at meets. 
  • Usually functions as a Computer Operator at meets (taking turns).
  • Is a certified Admin Official through USA Swimming (see “Official”).
  • This job offers double service hours.