Can we choose our location? 

All Explorer groups have options at each of our facilities.  High Performance & Adventure Track groups practice together at specified facilities.  Pre-Team and High School training groups are currently available at both Washington and Sand Hollow.

What are the minimum skills to be on the team?

For Pre-Team groups, swimmers need to be able to complete 25 yards of Freestyle and Backstroke.  They must be able to breathe to the side.

For Competition Team, swimmers will need to be familiar with all four competitive strokes, dives and basic turns.

How much does it cost?

All of our groups and facilities are independently priced.  The Pre-Comp team is seasonal -- there is a flat fee for the season, which is dependent on the number of practices during that session (usually about $125-200).  Competition Team monthly dues range from $75-120.  Once your child has done a tryout, we can more specifically discuss the costs for that group.

Do you have scholarships available?

We have some partial scholarships available for our Competition Team.  Applications are due in mid-September for the school year.

USA Swimming also has an Outreach Program available for swimmers participating on the Competition Team.

Is it possible to swim during certain seasons?

Pre-Comp and HS training groups are seasonal -- you sign up at the beginning of each season.  Our Competitive Team is year-round and on-going.  Thirty-day notice of cancellation is required when a swimmer takes a break.