If you have previously swam with a USA-Swimming club team:

Moving in from another area? If you have previously been registered with a USA-Swimming team, you will need to fill out an Athlete Transfer Form.  You will send this in to the LSC Registrar (address on the document). If your USA Swimming registration is current, please contact Coach Dani (435-669-6093) for instructions.

Then you will need to register with our team -- simply click the TEAM REGISTRATION button on our home page. 

If you are registered with USA Swimming for the current year AND you are registering between January 1 and July 31: you will be charged the USA Registration fee, BUT you will be credited the amount of USA Reg when your registration is transferred.  If you are registering between August 1 and December 31, you will need to re-register anyway for the upcoming year and will not be credited.

If you have previous High School team experience:

If you have at least one season experience with a local high school swim team, you do not need to do a tryout. 

You have seasonal or year-round options:

  • HS Pre- and Post-Season groups have start and end dates.  You pay for these up front and in full.  No competitions, and practices are typically twice per week.
  • Explorer 2 groups are month-to-month and require registration with USA Swimming.  Commitment levels are slightly higher than the Pre/Post Season groups.  Competitions are an option and practices are typically three times per week.
  • Adventure 2 and National Development require an interview.

If you have previous summer team experience:

If you have participated with a summer team, please contact Coach Dani to find out what group to register for.