2022 SUSA Splash-A-Thon
It's FUNdraising Time!
MAY 13
Time: 3:30 PM
Mike Werner Email
Take your Mark! Get Set! FUNdraise!

We are so excited to kick off this year's biggest fundraiser for our team. Our Splash-A-Thon is an amazing way to help the team, each family, and the community. Swimming has so many amazing things to offer and benefit youth swimmers of all ages.

Plus, this is a great advertiser and promotor of the best youth sports activity available in St. George, SWIMMING, and the best team around!

So Stingrays, let's dive in and make a SPLASH!

Participants | Rank 0/118
$1,325.00 David Leon-Moreno
$1,170.00 Derek Hall
$875.00 Chesney
$750.00 Evan Jensen
$750.00 Mackenzie Knudsen
Top Roster (amount)
$5,209.00 SHAC -- National Development (Mike)
$4,662.50 WCCC -- Royal Rays 2 (Dani)
$3,735.00 SHAC -- Stingrays 2 (Mike)
$1,757.50 WCCC -- Royal Rays 1b (Kate)
$200.00 SAC -- Royal Rays 1 (Tessa)
$200.00 SHAC -- Royals 1 (Nancy)
Top Locations (amount)
$9,144.00 Sand Hollow (SHAC)
$6,420.00 WCCC -- Washington Pool
$200.00 SAC (child is a MEMBER of Summit)
$50.00 Unassigned