please note that all options require a TRYOUT or recommendation from SUSA or high school coach

Competition (Year-Round) Team

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What Group Should I Register My Child For?

Competition Team is our main event! Swimmers train with professional coaches and compete at meets monthly.  Comp Team is a year-round/ongoing team which includes monthly dues.

  • Track 1 -- Developmental
    • These groups are Royals 1 (8-14), Stingrays 1 (13-15), and Senior Development (16+)
    • ​Minimim 3 practices per week, usually 1.5-2 hours in length
    • Groups require tryout
    • Home Meets are highly encouraged
    • Focus is on building advanced stroke techniques, mastering competition skills and introduction into racing and training
  • Track 2 -- High Performance
    • These groups are Royals 2 (8-14), Stingrays 2 (13-15), and National Development (15+)
    • ​Depending on the group, minimum 5-9 practices per week (4 for 12&unders), typically 2 hours in length
    • Groups require tryout and/or interview to enter
    • Home Meets are required
    • Championship Meets are required
    • Travel Meets are optional
    • Focus is on mastering competition & racing skills, advanced training and solidifying stroke technique

Pre-Competitive Team & May Session (Summer)

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Pre-Comp Team is a great place for new swimmers to begin! 

  • Pre-Comp 1A & 1B -- Novice swimmers, A for younger swimmers, B for older swimmers
  • Pre-Comp 2 -- Beginner to Intermediate swimmers
  • Pre-Team 3 -- Preparation and introduction to Competition Team

High School Pre-Season and Post-Season Group Group

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High School Development Group is a training group for swimmers who have completed at least one year of high school swimming.  These swimmers want to continue training (but not competing) outside of the high school season.  Focus is on maintaining endurance and improving stroke skills.

  • Monday/Wednesday is Conditioning
  • Tuesday/Thursday is Technique

Fall Season -- begins the last week of August and ends the third or fourth week of September (the week before HS training begins)


Homeschool Training Group

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Homeschool group is for those swimmers of Pre-Comp ability who want to train during school hours.


DSU Swim Team Training Group

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Training group -- for the DSU Women's collegiate swim team, we offer the option of registration/affiliation with our club team outside of the collegiate season.  The only fee is registration with our team and with USA Swimming, which is paid through the registration link above.  If the swimmer wishes to train with our club groups, she will need to register with that group and pay the associated monthly fees.  Special reduced pricing is available to DSU team members who wish to train with SUSA groups part time.


SUSA Summer Team

Click here to register for SUSA Summer Team (registration opens in April)

A great entry-level, low-commitment way to see if swimming is for you!  Season typically runs 6-8 weeks during the June/July school break.  This is a separate team from all SUSA year-round options and you will be directed to another website to register.