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please note that all options require a TRYOUT or recommendation from SUSA or high school coach

Competition (Year-Round) Team

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What Group Should I Register My Child For?

Competition Team is our main event! Swimmers train with professional coaches and compete at meets monthly.  Comp Team is a year-round/ongoing team which includes monthly dues.

  • Explorer Track 
    • These groups are Explorer 1 (12 yrs & Under) & Explorer 2 (13 & Up)
    • ​Minimum 2-3 practices per week, usually 1.5-2 hours in length
    • Groups require tryout
    • Home Meets are highly encouraged
    • Focus is on building advanced stroke techniques, mastering competition skills and introduction into racing and training
  • Adventure Track 
    • These groups are Adventure 1 (7-13), Adventure 2 (13-15), and National Development (15+)
    • ​Depending on the group, minimum4-9 practices per week for 90-120 min.
    • Groups require tryout and/or interview to enter
    • Home Meets are required
    • Championship Meets are required
    • Travel Meets are optional
    • Focus is on mastering competition & racing skills, advanced training and solidifying stroke technique

Pre-Competitive Team &  (Summer Team) May Session

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Pre-Comp Team is a great place for new swimmers to begin! We call it our Discovery Track.

  • Discovery Track
    • Pre-Team 1A & 1B -- Novice swimmers
    • Pre-Team 2 -- Beginner to Intermediate swimmers

High School Pre-Season and Post-Season Group Group

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HS Pre-and Post Season groups are part of our Discovery Track

  • Some groups focus on Technique Instruction
  • Some groups focus on Aerobic Development



SUSA Summer Team

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A great entry-level, low-commitment way to see if swimming is for you!  Season typically runs 6-8 weeks during the June/July school break.  This is a separate team from all SUSA year-round options and you will be directed to another website to register.