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April 25, 2021    2:00 pm

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September 2020 Minutes
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Proposed Legislation
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Exec Director Report April 2020 Meeting Minutes
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Upcoming HOD Meetings:  April 25, 2021 and September 19, 2021

Clubs are reminded that they can/should be represented by 4 delegates (3 non-athletes and 1 athlete) at all these meetings.  The delegates must be members of USA Swimming/Virginia Swimming and registered with the Registration Chair and Secretary.  Alternates can/should also be appointed in case one of the non-athlete or athlete delegates can't make it.  If you have a change to the Delegate's Roster, please notify the Registration Chair ASAP.  If there's a change at the meeting, the new Delegate must present a letter of appointment requesting the change signed by the Club President and credentials to the Secretary.

Minutes from Virginia Swimming House of Delegates Meetings

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