Virginia Swimming Releases Updated Age Group and Senior Champs Qualifying Times

Emily Fagan

Virginia Swimming is pleased to announced the updated qualifying times for the 2021-2024 quad for both Age Group and Senior Champs.  While the Age Group times were last modified in 2016, this is the first update of the Senior Champs times since 2011.  Both committees anticipate future updates will be done on a quadriennal basis.  

Both sets of times were developed by reviewing the results for the respective short course and long course meets for the past four years.  The SCY and LCM times were developed independently based on previous meets while the SCM times were converted from LCM times.

The committees reviewed the times paying particular attention to the impact on meet participation and the number of entries for each event.  The resulting qualifying times were unanimously approved by each committee.

VSI Time Standards

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