VSI Coaches Reimbursement Policy:

  1. Travel Reimbursement: The purpose of the coach travel reimbursement is to support VSI coach travel to advanced competitions: USA Swimming sponsored National Championship events only to include Junior Nationals, Nationals, US Open, World Championship Trials, Olympic Trials, Disability Nationals/Trials, and Pro Series events with national qualifying standards.
    • The coach must be a member in good standing of VSI and USA Swimming.
    • The club must be enrolled in the Club Recognition Program and be Level 1 or above. For tax purposes, the club, not the coach, will be reimbursed.
    • The amount reimbursed shall match the amount the athletes are reimbursed for the same meet.
    • Clubs may apply for this reimbursement for one coach per club, and only two events per year (3 during an Olympic Trials year).
  2. Education Reimbursement: Recipients of the annual Coach of the Year Award are provided financial assistance to attend the ASCA Clinic and Conference. VSI will cover the cost of the conference registration fee, transportation expenses, and lodging expenses. The recipient is responsible for his or her meals.


Reimbursement Request Form