Updates Concerning COVID-19

VSI Announcements

Updated Meet Announcement Template (8/27/21)

Updated Return to Competition Checklist (8/1/21)

Updated Return to Competion Check List (10/25/20)

10/25/20 Intrasquad Meet Announcement Template and Regular Meet Announcement Template

Recommended Protocol for COVID-19 Positive Test

7/30/20 Rebuild Virginia Information - Virginia Grant Opportunity for Clubs

7/30/20  Updated VSI Meet Announcement Template

5/20 Guidelines from Virginia Swimming

USAS Announcements

7/16/20 USA Swimming Meet Sanctioning Update


LSC Sanction Requirements

USA Swimming Return to Meet Competition Guidelines

6/29/20 USA Swimming Return to Competition Update

5/15/20 USA Swimming Return to Competition Roadmap

5/1/20 USA Swimming Facility Re-opening Message

3/16/20 Guidelines from USA-Swimming

From our Disability Committee Chair & PHD in Nursing, David Strider:

"As the COVID-19 virus expands, we ask you to keep your athletes safe. Although not swimming, it is very important to maintain a healthy diet, keep active with daily exercise, and get plenty of sleep. Maintenance of a daily schedule is imperative. Take frequent walks outside , in your yard, or if confined to your house, do exercise sets 3 to 4 times per day. Use your computer to the MAX, to communicate effectively with your friends, peer students / team members, and your teachers if still in school. Look at creative ways to communicate with those individuals who may not have access to a computer. If you have any signs of a respiratory infection (Fever, persistent cough, trouble breathing) then report to your doctor or emergency room or Urgent Care clinic, for a timely evaluation."

Wash your hands every chance you get and Stay Well!