757swim operates under two Codes of Conduct: USA Swimming's and 757swim's.

All members of 757swim agree to abide by both. 

USA Swimming Code of Conduct

USA Swimming's Code of Conduct formally documents standards of behavior and the process by which all breaches of those standards are handled for all swimmers, parents, coaches, and volunteers.

Athlete and Parent Code of Conduct
(updated 7/2022)


757swim is dedicated to the positive and progressive development of every swimmer in an environment that promotes team spirit and commitment, and provides character building opportunities.  We are a family of members and coaches that recognizes the importance of individual talents, efforts, and contributions creating success for all. Each swimmer brings to 757swim unique talents, strengths, mental stamina, physical endurance, personality, and spirit.  Together as one dedicated 757swim team, we are capable of great success!  Through positive communication and mutual respect, teammates, coaches, and parents of 757swim work together to accept meaningful and rewarding challenges in our quest for excellence.  We must all be willing to work hard, support one another, and understand our respective roles.

  • Role of the Athlete

Swimmers will respect and support one another and their coaches.  They will obey all the team rules. They will be on time for practice and meets.  They will remember to bring all required equipment and back up gear.  Swimmers will understand their efforts and consistency at practice are directly linked to their performance.  They must be willing to communicate goals and concerns to their coach as they work together to progress.  Swimmers are responsible for their own bodies—they must pay attention to nutrition and rest.  Swimmers who recognize both their strengths and weaknesses, are willing to share and communicate positively, and are willing to take responsibility as a proud member of 757swim will be leaders and role models for their fellow swimmers.  Participation, spirit, hard work, cooperation, and a positive attitude define the ideal athlete.

  • Role of the Parent

The parent supports the athlete with love, recognition, and encouragement.  Armed with this support, the athlete is able to give his/her best effort and concentrate on what is being taught by the coaching staff.  Parent support is critical to emotional and physical confidence during training and competition.  Parents help swimmers maintain good health habits, stay hydrated, get enough rest, present themselves appropriately, and maintain a positive outlook.  Parents should be supportive of their swimmer’s efforts regardless of outcome.  Children learn and develop in different ways and at different rates.  Parents should never compare their child to to his/her teammates. 

  • Role of the Coach

The coach is your swimmer’s and the team’s motivator and teacher.  Your swimmer will develop a trust-based relationship with the coach, and this relationship will produce the best results when swimmer, parent, and coach all respect one another’s roles. Stroke instruction and training regimen responsibilities rest with the coaching staff.  Each practice at 757swim follows a positive and progressive training philosophy based on sound scientific principles and geared to the specific goals of the group. Coaches make the final decisions about which meets swimmers will attend and which events swimmers will be entered in.  At meets, coaches will conduct and supervise warm ups.  Before each race, the coach will prepare and focus your swimmer.  After each race, the coach will provide constructive feedback regarding performance.  The building of a relay team is the sole responsibility of the coaching staff.  The coaches reserve the right to change participant line up at any time to reflect what will be in the best interests of the team.   

A successful swim program requires understanding and cooperation among parents, athletes, and coaches.  In order to create a safe training environment where both individual athletes and the team as a whole can thrive, 757swim athletes and parents, as registered members of 757swim, will comply with the following 757swim Codes of Conduct (Athlete and Parent).

757swim reserves the right to terminate the membership of any individual whose behavior places 757swim in an unfavorable light or jeopardizes our participation in any sporting event, or our continued partnership with any pool or facility.  All athletes and parents are expected to act as appropriate ambassadors of our club and demonstrate good sportsmanship.  It is everyone's responsibility to create a healthy team environment free of disrespect, hostility, intimidation, or harassment of any kind. Our swimmers should be role models to other athletes, and our parents should be role models to other parents. 

Athlete Code of Conduct

Athletes will display proper respect and sportsmanship toward coaches, officials, administrators, fellow athletes, competitors, and the public. Athletes will refrain, at all times, from any conduct that is unbecoming to 757swim. This shall include, but not be limited to: foul language, dishonesty, theft, violence, bullying, destruction of 757 property or other’s belongings, inappropriate sexual and/or discriminatory behavior, drug or alcohol use, or any criminal behavior. 

Additionally, athletes will refrain from excessive horseplay or actions that may cause harm to self or others. Examples of physical harm may include, but are not limited to hitting, slapping, pushing, pulling, shaking, pulling hair or clothes, restricting freedom, or using an object to cause harm.  

These expectations are applicable to all interactions and communication, to include in-person, verbal, written, SMS/Text messages, email, and all social media outlets.

Implementation for Athletes

If an athlete fails to adhere to the code of conduct the following sequence of disciplinary action will occur: 

Step 1. Verbal Warning from Coaching Staff 

Step 2. Parent Notification via email or phone call 

Step 3. Disciplinary meeting with parent, two coaches, and athlete. 

Step 4. Suspension/Expulsion meeting with parent, athlete, head coach, lead coach, board member(s), and any other relevant parties. The athlete will be required to attend a meeting that will occur within seven days of the incident. The athlete will be allowed to present any information or evidence at that time and a decision will be rendered as to any further course of disciplinary action.

Items #1-4 above will be documented on a 757 Incident Report and signed by a witness. At the coaches’ discretion, multiple disciplinary action steps may be combined. Consideration will be given to the severity of each offense and the frequency. In severe instances, coach will contact the Board President immediately or, if unavailable, the board member next in line to inform the board of the incident and pursue appropriate disciplinary action. 

In the instance of an egregious code of conduct violation, including a Safe Sport violation or unlawful conduct, team leadership reserves the right to take immediate action and suspend an athlete until the outcome of an investigation is complete.

Membership with 757swim is a privilege and not a right. 757swim maintains the right to terminate any membership with or without cause in the interest of its mission and objectives.

Parent Code of Conduct

1. Parents will support 757swim team values of commitment, hard work, team spirit, and positive encouragement. Parents will not criticize, name-call, or use abusive language or gestures towards any coaches, athletes, officials, or other parents either in person or via social media. Parents must model positive communication, good sportsmanship, and self-control at all times.

2.   Parents will treat all officials and meet volunteers with respect. Any issue involving a meet official decision or action will be resolved by the coaching staff only. Parents will never interfere with officials on the pool deck. Parents will follow the directions of meet volunteers who are in positions of authority.

3.  Parents will respect coach decisions regarding relay team selection, event selections, and meet selection.

4.  Parents will not disrupt practices in any way. Parents will remain off deck during swim practices and may observe practices from designated areas away from the immediate pool deck.  Communications with coaches during practice is unsafe and ineffective, and it detracts from the athlete-coach-team relationship and training environment.

5.  Parents will not coach or instruct the team or any athlete in any way at practices or meets. Parents understand that any swimming advice they give their athlete may only confuse the athlete. Parents should discuss any coaching concerns with the coach. 

6.  Communication between parents and coaches is highly encouraged. Parents will communicate with their athlete’s coach at the coach-prescribed times and in the method preferred by the coach. Parents may request phone calls or in-person conferences after reaching out via email. See Club Communication Policy for more details.

7.  The 757swim coaching staff decides which meets will be attended by the team each year. Families will not attend local or away meets not approved by 757swim.

8.  Parents understand they are expected to assist the team with timing requirements at meets and additional volunteer positions throughout the year. Parents agree to abide by the team Volunteer Policy.

9.  Parents will ensure that non-swimming children are supervised by a responsible adult while present at any USA Swimming or 757swim sanctioned activity.

10.  Parents will drop off and pick up their athletes on time.

11.  Parents understand that conduct bringing discredit or discord to 757swim will not be tolerated. Membership with 757swim is a privilege and not a right. 757swim maintains the right to terminate any membership with or without cause in the interest of its mission and objectives.

Implementation for Parents

All athletes, parents, and staff are apprised in writing of this policy.  Annual signature of the Waiver, Release, Authorization and Agreement Form constitutes unconditional agreement to comply with the Code of Conduct as set forth by 757swim. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary actions, which may include but are not limited to:

  1. Removal from the practice, meet, or event where the misbehavior occurs.
  2. Suspension of membership.
  3. Termination of membership.

757swim is not liable for refund or prorate of membership fees due to suspension or termination.

If a parent or member family is involved in conduct resulting in disciplinary action, the following sequence of events will occur:

  1. It is the responsibility of the individual (coach, member, volunteer, parent) recognizing an infraction to contact the 757swim Board President immediately or, if unavailable, the 757swim Board member next in line to inform the Board of an alleged infraction.
  2. The parent member charged with an infraction will be required to attend a meeting that will occur within seven days of the incident and will include the following: parent member(s) and any individual(s) involved in incident, Head Coach, and available 757swim Board members.
  3. The parent(s) involved in the incident will be allowed to present any information or evidence at that time and a decision will be rendered as to any course of disciplinary action.

Athletes and their parents or guardians must indicate their willingness to comply with this Code of Conduct by signing the appropriate section of the Waiver, Release, Authorization and Agreement Form.