“Working with like-minded people, many of whom have become my friends who want to provide a positive atmosphere for our youth...”

~25-year USA Swimming volunteer official
 when asked what he enjoys most about working at swim meets.

Our Winter 2020 Volunteers of the Quarter include all of our amazing
757swim USA Swimming Officials.  Next to our coaches and a pool to swim in, our officials make competitive swimming possible for our swimmers. 

All of our 757swim officials have spent significant time and effort to complete the necessary credentialing courses provided by USA Swimming to assume their officiating role.  They then make themselves available at almost every meet our 757swimmers are involved in.  More importantly, our officials make our home-hosted meets the successes they have become, allowing our club to grow and prosper.  They also volunteer at meets when other teams need assistance.  They take great pride in being as fair as they can be, and they do it for the love of the sport and the joy of watching our athletes. 

757swim currently has 15 motivated members who have stepped up to take on this very critical role for our team.  We are so grateful for their willingness to be involved with the governance of USA Swimming.  The roles they fulfill include:

CJ – Chief Judge

SR – Starter

S&T – Stroke and Turn

CTS – Colorado Timing System

Recorder – Certifies times in conjunction with CTS

The next time you attend a meet to cheer on your swimmer, please take the time to thank our professional “Blue and White” volunteers –they have certainly earned all of our appreciation and respect for stepping up to make a difference. 


Shana Wilkins – 757swim Officials Chair - CJ/SR/S&T – Mom to Nicholas (Silver 2) and
Bethany (Silver 1)


Ted Lynch Recorder/S&T – Dad to Gina (Gold) and alum Evan (now swimming for Towson)


Nick Andresky
CJ/S&T – Dad to Sarah (Silver 3)


Sharon Kastner S&T/CTS – Mom to Niamh (Gold)


Rich Wilkins
CJ/S&T- Dad to Nicholas (Silver 2) and Bethany (Silver 1)


Jose Aponte CJ/S&T – Dad to Georgie (Silver 2) and Arden (Silver 1)


Dan Delaney S&T – Dad to Dillen (Gold)


Scott Petrie S&T – Dad to Evan (Bronze 1)


Vasudev Ananthram S&T – Dad to Seva (Bronze 2) and Jaya (Copper)


Eric Mueller S&T – Dad to Madison (Bronze 2)


Brien Davis S&T – Dad to Ellie Davis (Bronze 2)


Lucie Schulze
S&T – Mom to Trinity (Senior)


Beth Stamper S&T – Mom to Isaac (Silver 2)


Alexander Radkevich Recorder – Dad to Andrey (Silver 3) and Misha (Bronze 2)


Cassandra Lamerdin Recorder- Mom to Louisa (Silver 3) and Robert (Silver 2)



For those who are interested in more information about what our officials do, read on….


By Elizabeth Wickham March 2017


Officials are divided into the “wet” and “dry” sides of a meet, or deck and administrative officials. The “wet” side includes Stroke and Turn, Chief Judge, Starter, Deck Referee, Meet Referee and Senior Referee. The “dry” side may have a Timing Equipment Operator, Clerk of Course, Administrative Official, Administrative Referee and Senior Administrative Referee.


The first step in becoming a deck official is “Stroke and Turn.” At high level meets like the Olympics there will be a stroke and turn official for every lane. At age group meets they watch more than one lane. You’ll see these officials at the corner or walking along the pool for fly and breast. There’s a 15-meter official who will stand at the 15-meter mark to make sure the swimmers pop up by then.  


The “Chief Judge” watches finishes as well as stroke. This person receives information of an infraction from other deck officials and informs the referee. If the referee accepts the infraction, the chief judge tells the swimmer and writes the DQ on the timing sheet. The chief judge can act as a stroke and turn judge at the same time.


The “Deck Referee” makes sure swimmers are at the blocks for their heat and calls out for missing swimmers. The deck ref then blows the whistle. Three Four or more short whistles means to get ready. At the long whistle, swimmers stand on the blocks. At that point, the deck ref gives a hand signal to the starter. Other officials report DQ’s to the deck ref and he or she decides whether or not to accept them. Another responsibility of the deck ref is to watch the start.


After the deck ref hands off the start via extended hand to the “Starter,” it’s the starter’s job to make sure each heat gets off to a good and fair start. The starter looks to see if swimmers hold set positions. They aren’t totally predictable in the start so that swimmers can’t anticipate a “one, two, three, go.”


A false start has to be seen by at least two officials. If only one official sees a false start, it won’t be a DQ.


The “Meet Ref” is in charge of the venue and their word is the law. This person makes sure the meet is running correctly. They will evaluate and give feedback to other officials.


Under the meet admin tent, you’ll find the “Administrative Officials.” The number of people varies on the size of the meet. Their job is to ensure every swimmer gets a fair time. The primary timing system these days is touch pads, then pickles and stopwatches. If the timing system goes down or a swimmer doesn’t hit the pad, the admin staff goes to backup timing. If swimmers are in wrong lanes, it’s up to the admin official to switch up the times and make sure each swimmer get their correct times. A few of admin’s jobs are seeding the meet, verifying entry times, sending reports and handling financials.


Most, if not all, officials are either current or former swim parents. If anyone is interested in becoming an official there’s information on the USA Swimming and local LSC websites.


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Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain
loving one another.

~ Erma Bombeck


In this season of joy and thankfulness, 757swim is thrilled to recognize and celebrate our Fall 2019 Volunteers of the Quarter, Arden Aponte and Christina Oquendo!

Arden is our very first Junior Volunteer of the Quarter!  A member of the Bronze II practice group, Arden demonstrated amazing dedication to our team as a key assistant to the Meet Director during our Fall Fiesta meet.  A self-starter, he simply approached the Meet Director and asked if he could assist and was immediately put to work breaking down the meet set up, returning items to storage and even recruiting and supervising additional peers to help in the process.  By the time the assigned adult breakdown crew volunteers arrived, Arden had completed almost all of the necessary pool deck tasks!  In addition to his noteworthy selfless work at the meet, Arden has volunteered for the Virginia Special Olympics as a liaison for swimmers.  He possesses a servant’s heart, and is always eager to lift up his fellow swimmers and cheer on their efforts.

Christina, mom to Silver III swimmer Jorge Oquendo, has been crushing it as our most successful fundraising member ever!  In the short time since the 2019-20 season began, Christina’s fundraising efforts have produced multiple 757swim sponsorships, including not just one, but TWO Platinum sponsors:  Pearson Toyota and MOC Midatlantic!  Our Sponsors provide operating capital while allowing us to partner with the community for the continued awareness and advancement of our amazing programs.  Christina’s success securing sponsors for our team attest to her exceptional work ethic, dedication to 757swim, and selfless gift of personal time to make our team better.  A registered nurse, Christina loves to help others and it shows!


Congratulations and Thank You Arden and Christina for all that you do! 

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Volunteers of the Quarter ~ Spring/Summer 2019

Help one another.  There is no time like the present
and no present like the time.

~ James Durst

     We are excited to announce our Spring/Summer Volunteers of the Quarter for 2019.  These volunteers have demonstrated their unselfish willingness to share their organizational, technical, and coordination skills throughout the entire season, making 757swim a better place for our swimmers and families!

Rachael Davis (mom to Eleanor in Copper) is our master of keeping the little ones focused and ready to go – whether it is to round them up at practice or ensure they are prepared at meets to get to their events and enjoy their time on deck!  Rachael’s assistance with our 12 and under sessions has contributed to positive meet experiences for our little swimmers.  Her constant encouragement and organization skills are a huge asset to our club. 

     Preston Martin (dad to twins Aidan and Avery in Senior II) is our 757swim consultant to all things technical regarding pool matters.  Preston’s engineering background and personal interest in processes to ensure safety in our facilities has been critical to daily training.  In many situations throughout the year, Preston has teamed up with our coaching staff and the WISC to ensure the pool is functioning at it’s best for our swimmers.

     Carey Sprigg (mom to Jacob in Gold and Ryan, one of our Summer Prep participants) has dedicated her time and efforts since the establishment of 757swim as our team t-shirt and swag organizer. During each season launch, Carey is busy ordering, organizing, and distributing the hundreds of tshirts and spiritwear items  made available to our swimmers and families. Her efficiency is top-notch, and she can be counted on to single-handedly distribute everyone’s gear in the proper sizes and colors. Carey also regularly contributes to meet hospitality, where coaches and officials benefit from her catering skills; as well as concessions, a critical club fundraising effort. 


We are so grateful for your selfless gifts of time and talent!


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Volunteers of the Quarter ~ Fall 2018
Left to right:  Shana Wilkins, Marie Homer, Al Kastner & Coach Morgan


Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
~Elizabeth Andrew


     Looking back to our 2018 launch in September, it’s been an amazing new season of growth and excitement at 757swim, and our volunteers have become even more critical to the success of the club. We are thrilled to announce our Fall 2018 Volunteers of the Quarter:  Marie Homer, Al Kastner, and Shana Wilkins. In addition to the numerous hours these workhorses have dedicated to our club, they have inspired others through their creativity, reliability, and positive teamwork. 

     Marie (mom to Christopher in Gold) served as our Cornhole Jamboree Chair for the second year, organizing the details of the competition, arranging for the silent auction side event and sponsor assistance, and even applying her professional culinary skills to (almost single-handedly) supply the tournament’s luncheon for all participants. Marie also regularly and cheerfully assists with meet hospitality, where coaches and officials benefit from her catering skills, as well as concessions, a critical club fundraising effort. Her unassuming and fun approach to teamwork always brightens the day and makes volunteer work a joy for everyone. Such an attitude is contagious, and a huge asset to our club! 

     Al (dad to Niamh in Senior II) is our 757swim Assistant Meet Director, and, to be frank, our Master-of-All-Behind-the-Scenes-Assistance. Al is ever-present at our home-hosted meets, providing back up and errand-running for all. He is particularly skilled at coordinating movement, seating arrangements, and crowd control while also exercising effective diplomacy with spectators, keeping the safety of our swimmers as his highest priority. He is the volunteer that any official, coach, meet organizer, and fellow member can count on to know what is going on, where things are, and how to effectively resolve an issue during the intense moments that occur in the blur of a bustling swim meet. He is also a facilities contributor, building and installing the shelving units that allow our swimmers to safely store their practice gear at the pool. He provides consistent effective feedback for improvement. Al’s positive and generous spirit is infectious. 

     Shana (mom to Nicholas in Silver I and Bethany in Bronze I) has dedicated her time and efforts to leading two important club areas:  USA Swimming officials training and coordination, and Shop with Scrip Fundraising. After only recently completing officials training herself, Shana offered to be our Officials Coordinator, scheduling our home-hosted meet officials, participating non-stop as a meet official at 757swim’s meet, and even volunteering when she’s available at other teams’ meets. She also provides orientation to members interested in becoming officials, arranging for training sessions and ensuring interested members have the guidance needed to complete their training. Shana’s passion for officiating is a critical piece to our meet and club success, allowing us to run USA Swimming meets with a well-trained crew of volunteer officials. As if her officiating contributions are not enough, Shana is also our resident expert Shop with Scrip organizer and advisor. With Scrip, our members have an easy option to assist with fundraising obligations. Shana coordinates with Scrip, communicates instructions to the team, and provides ongoing support to members who may have questions. 

THANK YOU Marie, Al, and Shana!

We are especially grateful for your selfless gifts of time and talent.

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With the busy spring season, we have had numerous 757swim volunteers step up to the plate to make a positive impact on our club!  The following four volunteers have provided inspiring selfless time and effort worthy of recognition as our
Volunteers of the Quarter.

     Pam Gibbons has provided detailed and comprehensive meet summaries and assisted our President with the content and narrative for the informative Dry Side newsletter.  Pam has also been recognized by fellow members for her selfless help to fellow Silver Group members, contributing to detailed planning for outside events and building team spirit.  She cheerfully offers to chaperone swimmers if they are unable to get to the event and is always very flexible in her efforts to assist other families.  -Pam is mom to Silver II swimmer Delaney.

       Shannon Hartig served as the 757swim Golf Tournament Chair and effectively lead a team of dedicated volunteers to roll out our very first annual fundraiser tournament. The event was every bit of amazing, raising noteworthy funds for the team while generating excitement and focus on our club. Shannon's professionalism and detailed planning, tracking, and oversight of all aspects of the tournament were instrumental in ensuring a successful event.  Shannon's contributions are an example of the difference our members make when they selflessly lend their time, wisdom and experience to benefit the entire club.  -Shannon is mom to swimmers William in Bronze I and Sarah in Copper.

     As co-chair for the Golf Tournament, Regina Popelars' talents and tireless dedication were both constantly evident and critical to the event's success. She engaged numerous businesses throughout the community soliciting many quality sponsors who provided generous gifts and prizes for tournament attendees. She was the vision behind the inspiring tournament decor, working long hours to design centerpieces, signs, and favors that all came together without missing a beat on event day. Her dedication to 757swim goes far beyond the tournament. She can always be counted on to help with ongoing events, lending her experience with professionally designed fliers and advertising with a "get it done" attitude.  - Regina is mom to swimmers Zoe in Bronze II and Eli in Copper.

     Gene Tyranski is an ever-present, smiling volunteer who dedicates countless hours to the preparation, execution, and conclusion of 757swim meets and events. Regardless of the time, whether it's manual labor or skilled and detailed assistance, Gene is always there to happily roll up his sleeves, do work, and encourage others with his fun and engaging personality. He has also been heavily involved in ensuring the success of our team concessions at Kiwanis Park by putting in many hours to meet logistical and operational demands. Another tremendous contribution involves his logging of volunteer hours and submitting those hours to his employer...his employer has contributed funds multiple times to 757swim on behalf of Gene's volunteer work. We thank Gene for his selfless contribution to our team!  -Gene is dad to Senior swimmers Faith and Holly.





757swim is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization. The efforts of all our member families are critical to our ability to provide a high quality swim team experience for our swimmers.  We could not exist without the generous gift of talents and time provided by our volunteers!

757swim celebrates our volunteers who have gone above and beyond to dedicate themselves to the 757swim mission, vision, and culture. 

Nominate the next "757swim Volunteer of the Quarter" by filling out this SURVEY.

At 757swim, we are always working together to make everyone better, especially through our volunteering efforts. 


Thank you to ALL of our volunteers
who step up to make a difference.