Parent Communication

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The 757swim coaching staff and board of directors will work diligently to communicate with swimmers and their families. A parent who embraces these methods of communication will find their experience and that of their swimmer significantly more rewarding. Many of the answers to parent/swimmer questions will be available through the following:

Team Website: Our website is located at  You can look here to find practice and season meet schedules, team news, meet and event information, practice group payment information, billing FAQs,  team records, facility information, team suits/spiritwear information, fundraising links, USA Swimming links, important team forms, contact information for coaches and board members, team background information, and extensive general information about 757swim.  The website is meant to be the hub of all important information regarding 757swim. Additionally, all active members have an account on the website that generates monthly invoices and allows pertinent email information to be distributed to the entire team.

Team E-mails: Used to announce general team information,  meet announcements and meet preparatory information;  to inform members of team social events and fundraisers;  to request volunteers; and to make any urgent or noteworthy team announcements.  Please make sure that the team has an e-mail address that you check regularly as this is a primary means of team communication.  This email information should be saved to your website account.

Team Parent Meetings:  At least once a year, members meet as an entire team to discuss budget issues, elect board members and make important team announcements. It is critical that one parent from each family attend this meeting. This is your chance to meet the board and parents from other practice groups and to discuss and vote on issues that will affect your family’s daily experience with our team.

Coaches E-mails: Coaches will send out weekly announcements to their practice groups. Provided at the beginning of the week, this information helps parents with potential changes to the schedule, provides reminders of upcoming meets, and allows the practice group coach to emphasize other important group information as necessary. Often, the coaches will provide educational swimming articles appropriate for swimmers and parents alike.

Coach Conferences 1 on 1:  Practice group coaches will provide their swimmers’ parents with office hours information that may be used to answer questions or concerns about their swimmers. Call or e-mail your coach to set up a time to meet or speak. Please understand that during practice is not a good time to attempt an extended conversation with your child’s coach. The coach is responsible for all the swimmers at practice, and must devote his or her attention to them, rather than to their parents.