BASS Scholarship Application


Welcome to the Battlefield Area Star Swimmers Swim Team


BASS will strive to ensure that all swimmers are afforded an opportunity to be a part of our team no matter what the economic situation is at home.  To that end, we are pleased to offer financial assistance to those with a genuine need.  All of our Scholarships are awarded based solely on NEED.


If you would like to be considered for a BASS Scholarship, please complete the application on the next page.  All information provided to the Board will be held in the strictest confidence.


Once completed, sent to:


BASS Board of Directors

Attn:   Scholarship Application





BASS Scholarship Application


All Scholarships are awarded based on NEED.


BASS Scholarships can provide the following:

  • 25% to 100% reduction of monthly program fees to be determined by the Board
  • BASS-hosted meet entry fees paid


Families receiving financial assistance will be required:

  • Pay, in full, the $165.00 registration fee per swimmer
  • Fulfill $100.00 Fundraising requirement
  • Fulfill the volunteering requirement based on the swim program*

*there will be a charge of $15 per unearned volunteer hour to your account

  • Required to attend November 2019 and May 2020 BASS-hosted meets
  • Required to attend 2/3 of all scheduled practices within the group you have selected
  • Responsible for fees of non BASS-hosted meets or entry fees for those meets not covered as part of the program fees.  Fees to be billed at the full rate to your account


Swimmer’s Name(s): ____________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Name:  __________________________________________


Address:  ______________________________________________________




Billing Address (if different):  ______________________________________




Swimmer’s Group


o Developmental Silver (Formerly White Group I)

o Age Group Silver (Formerly Red Group)

o Senior Silver (Formerly Blue Group)

o Developmental Gold (Formerly White Group II

o Age Group Gold (Formerly Purple Group)

o Senior Gold (Formerly Senior Group)


o Bronze



Please explain below why you think your swimmer(s) would be a good candidate(s) to receive a BASS Scholarship:








BASS Scholarship Agreement


Congratulations, the BASS Board of Directors has agreed to award your family a need-based scholarship so that your child(ren) may participate in the BASS swim program.  Registration fees are the responsibility of the family.


BASS Scholarships can provide the following:

  • ________ reduction of swimmer’s assigned monthly dues
  • BASS-hosted Entry fee paid


In return for this benefit we agree to the following requirements:

Please read and initial all of the items below.


_____ I/We understand that our family is required to pay the BASS registration fee of $165.00/swimmer.   Failure to pay the registration fee may be cause for revocation of the BASS Scholarship.


_____ I/We understand that our family is required to meet the BASS Fundraising requirement.  The requirement is to raise $100 per family.  Failure to participate in the Fundraising opportunities may be cause for revocation of the BASS Scholarship.


_____ I/We understand that our family is required to meet the 2019-2020 Volunteering Requirements by fulfilling the minimum spread out over the two (2) BASS-hosted swim meets, BASS swim-a-thon, and other BASS events.


_____ I/We understand and agree that our swimmer(s) will be required to maintain regular attendance at swim practices.  Swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of 2/3 of all scheduled practices.  Please arrange with Coach if there are to be any extended absences from the pool.


_____ I/We understand that our family will be required to attend all BASS-hosted meets.  Other meet fees will be the responsibility of the family and to be billed to your account after each meet.


_____ I/We understand that scholarships are awarded for the duration of the current season only.  I/We understand that we may reapply in a subsequent season if we are eligible ad in need of future financial assistance.


Swimmer’s Name(s) ______________________________     Swimmer’s Group __________________________


Parent/Guardian Name_____________________________  Phone ______________________________


Billing Address___________________________________    Email_______________________________




I/We have read the above requirements for BASS scholarship award.   As the responsible parent/guardian for the above named swimmer(s), we agree to be responsible for meeting all of the above requirements.


Parent/Guardian signature__________________________________                         Date________________________


I have reviewed all of the program requirements with the above  named parents and have accepted their agreement for the BASS scholarship program.


BASS Board Representative_________________________________                        Date________________________

Please be aware that all information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence.  Any information provided will only be used to determine eligibility for BASS scholarship funds.