Each Family has a 16 – 20* Hour Minimum

Full Season Option (Sept-May) & 7-Month Option (Sept-March)


The BASS Swim Team is a non-profit (501c(3)) organization that relies on parent volunteers to help the team run smoothly and remain successful and affordable. There are many meets during the year where “timing” will be the only parent volunteer requirement (if it is a meet in which your child is swimming). However, in addition to these meets, BASS will host at least two meets which will require volunteering from our team.

Therefore, BASS Swimming has a mandatory service program for all members of our team. BASS Families who have signed up for the Full Season Option (Sept-May) or the 7-Month Option (Sept-March) are expected to fulfill a minimum of Sixteen (16) to Twenty (20) service hours spread out over the two (2) BASS-hosted swim meets, the Swim-A-Thon, and other BASS sponsored events (see the list below).   


What does this mean?

For each BASS-hosted meet or event listed below, there are a minimum number of hours you MUST volunteer per meet/event to help ensure everything runs smoothly. If you do not complete the minimum number of service hours per meet or event, your account will be billed $15 for each hour of service time missed (amount will appear on the following month’s bill). 

If it is not possible for you to attend one of these meets/events, please reach out to a Board Member so that we can plan accordingly and find another meet or event in which you can help. It is important to notify a Board Member well in advance of the meet or event for prior approval.

If this is your family’s first year on the BASS swim team and your child/children are enrolled in the developmental program, this $15 fee for each service hour missed will be waived. However, we still encourage you to help us at as many meets and events as possible!

The BASS-hosted swim meets and events are as follows:

  1. BASS November Turkey Classic, Nov. 20-21, 2021, Collegiate School Aquatic Center (CSAC), Richmond
  2. BASS 12 & Under Mini Meet, (TBD), Woodberry Forest School (WFS), Madison
  3. Swim-A-Thon, TBD, Woodberry Forest School (WFS), Madison
  4. Jim Frye Invitational (Long Course), May 7-8, 2022, Collegiate School Aquatic Center (CSAC), Richmond


Please note:  BASS does not want your money; we need your support to help run our meets

Meet Name Min/Max hours

Fee for unearned


Possible Charges for

unearned hours

BASS Turkey Classic -

Nov 20-21, 2021 

6-8 hours (2 sessions) $15/hour $90-$120

BASS 12 & Under mini Meet

January 2022 - TBD

4 hours (2 sessions) $15/hour $60
Swim-a-thon 2 hours  $15/hour $30
BASS - Jim Frye Memorial Meet 6-8 hours (2 sessions) $15/hour $90-$120

* Hours based on attending the Bass 12 & U mini meet

** If your child participates in this meet, service hour requirements apply. 

Signature Required

I have carefully reviewed and agree to the service hours obligation stated above and understand that my account will be billed $15 for each unearned hour after each BASS Hosted Swim Meet.

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