DEVELOPMENTAL (Age 5 +): An introductory group for novice swimmers. Emphasis is on developing the fundamentals of the 4 strokes and starts/turns by means of drills, games, and competitive swimming. Must be able to comfortably swim 25 yards of freestyle and 1 other stroke. 2 practices per week.

AGE GROUP SILVER (Age 8 +): Emphasis is on the technical development of strokes, starts, and turns. Introduce the elementary principles of training. Swimmers may practice up to 4 days a week.

AGE GROUP GOLD: An advanced age group program that continues emphasizing stroke technique and begins to build a true training base. This is a 4 day/week program, with the option of adding Friday practice for a total of 5 practices/week. Dryland practice is incorporated into the overall practice time.

BRONZE (Age 12 +): This program is geared toward teenager swimmers who are interested in developing stroke technique and conditioning. It’s the perfect supplement to high school swimming. 2 day/week program. Dryland practice is incorporated into the overall practice time.

SENIOR SILVER: Our top age group program. This program focuses on stroke refinement/polishing, starts, and turns, while continuing to build a strong training base. This is a 5 day/week program, including 2 day/week dryland, before or during regular practice.

SENIOR GOLD: This program focuses on training at the state, regional, and national level. This group is geared toward our most dedicated swimmers, with a focus on preparation for success at high-level meets and collegiate opportunities. 5 day/week practice; 2 day/week dryland practice (before or during regular practice). Summer BASS is included in this program.

MASTERS: This program is geared for adults 21+ over who want to get/stay in shape. 2 practices weekly.

SUMMER PREP (MAR – MAY): This program is open to ALL swimmers who meet white group requirements and is designed to prepare summer swimmers for the upcoming season.