We are sustained by a hard-working group of volunteers who are committed to making our team a success and ensuring that CCA Marlins is a positive influence in the lives of our children.

We are always looking for more volunteers and are happy to get you plugged in! We will help you find a position you enjoy while supporting your swimmer.

Please contact Kathy Callis at [email protected]

For information on how to become a meet official, please contact Doug McLaughlin at [email protected]

Did you know...

A typical meet session (4-9 sessions per single meet) requires

Non-certified positions (50-100 volunteers per session):

  • 48-96 Timers (A 4 hour session with 2-3 timers/lane/hour, requires 48-72 timers for a 6 lane pool, and 72-96 timers for an 8 lane pool.)
  • 1 Chief Timer
  • 1-2 Marshals
  • 1 Announcer (if used) 

Certified positions (12-25 volunteers per session):

  • 1-4 Clerks-of-course depending upon level of meet
  • 1-2 Starters
  • 1-2 Referees
  • 6-12 Stroke and Turn officials
  • 1 Timing Equipment Operator
  • 1-2 Timing Judges
  • 1 Recorder
  • 1 Meet Referee (if used)

On average, each team needs one certified official per 15-20 swimmers for there to be enough officials to staff our meets.  And unlike some other sports, none of our officials are paid; all of our officials are volunteers!

  Top Ten Reasons to Become a Swim Official:

1. Best seat in the house.

2. Free food.

3. Contemporary uniforms.  You get to wear shorts in the Winter.

4. Wet socks and shoes; you squish when you walk.

5. No one will ask you to leave the deck.

6. You get to ring a bell if your become a Starter.

7. Tax deduction if you make too much money in your real job.

8. No scrounging for a seat in the stands; no back ache from sitting on the bleachers.

9. You’re easy to locate when your children need money

10. You get splashed like you are in a water park.


Need more reasons to volunteer? We’ve got them!  Further information can also be obtained in the “officials” sections of www.virginiaswimming.com and www.usa-swimming.org