Event Fundraising
2022 Swim-a-Thon
DEC 17
Time: 12:00 AM
EIN: 84-3739435
Carter Athletic Center
Whitney Combs Email
Please join us for our annual Swim-a-Thon!

It's a great opportunity to bring family and friends together for some fun while supporting our team.

This event will be held on Saturday December 17th from 5:30 AM-12:00pm (depending on the group). All swimmers will have up to 2 hours to swim as many laps as possible, up to 200 laps. The coaches and board members are hoping for 100% participation!

Our team goal is $10,000. If your child chooses not to gather pledges or swim, you have the option to donate the amount that you judge appropriate for your swimmer or your family.

How to Collect Donations?

You may collect money either as a flat pledge prior to the Swim-a-Thon or as a per lap donation that is collected after the event. Donations can be made through the team’s website, or you can collect cash or checks. Checks should be made out to CCA Marlins. You will have 5 days following the event to collect donations for individuals who pledge for a per-lap basis (please download the pledge per lap page on the team’s Swim-a-Thon webpage to help with calculations). All money will be due to coaches no later than Thursday, December 22nd, 2022.

This is an important fundraiser for our team, for the team you are part of! We are planning on using 10% for the Louis Tudor Scholarship Fund, which allows financial assistance to those in need, $1000 for a new senior scholarship, and the remainder to cover coach travel and operational costs.


Incentives will be offered to swim team members who earn $200 or more.

Every swimmer who receives $100 or more in donations will be able to “pie-a-coach” at the end of the Swim-a-Thon event on Saturday at 12:00PM.

Swimmers who receive a $200 or more in donations will receive a $10 gift card to Elderberries!

In addition to that, prizes will be given to Mini Marlins swimmers that accomplish 30 laps or more and age group swimmers that accomplish over 150 laps.

The Marlins are providing pizza for all swimmers directly after the event.

How Can Parents Help?

We need parent volunteers to help this run smoothly! We could use some volunteer lap counters for that morning between 7:30am-12:00pm depending on the groups. We would also appreciate the parents helping to provide healthy snacks and drinks for the event.

On behalf of the Marlins Board of directors and the entire Marlins coaching staff, we thank you so much for supporting our Swim-A-Thon. We are hoping to make this an annual fun and exciting event. The money earned from this event is a critical part of our swim team budget and allows us to continue to develop each swimmer into the best they can be.

For the Love of Swimming!
Go Marlins!

Participants | Rank 0/160
$245.00 Ella Smith
$100.00 Mason Frith
$58.33 Joseph Meidlinger
$58.33 Madelyn Meidlinger
$50.00 Kathryn Jones