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2022-2023 Bingo

Bingo FAQ

BINGO 2022-2023 Information


Bingo at American Legion, Friday session with lottery ticket type “instants” being sold by floor workers from 5:00-7:00 and bingo games being played from 7:00-10:00. “Instants” are also sold at the counter and on the floor by floor workers while the bingo games are being played from 7:00-10:00. Play 55 bingo games each night. 

Location: 368 American Legion Way, Newport News 23608

Volunteers:  arrive at 4:45 for set up.  Sales of bingo packets and instants games start as soon as set up is complete.



Non-Trained Positions

Floor workers:  Sells instants games on the floor throughout the session.  Verifies bingo and instant games winners while the bingo games are being played. 


Trained Bingo Positions

Trained Bingo positions:  Recommended that volunteers work on the floor for several sessions to familiarize with the game.  If interested to be trained in a position, let the Bingo Manager know and training will be coordinated.  Once training is completed, the Bingo Manager will give approval to sign up for your sessions as a trained volunteer. 

Bingo Manager- Official state certification is required.  The Bingo Manager is responsible for the overall session.  Knowledge of bingo gaming regulations and all volunteer positions required to run the session.  All bingo volunteers report to the Bingo Manager.

Bingo Caller:  Official state certification is required.  Caller calls all games of the session.

Counter Manager:  Sells bingo packs at the start of the session.  Responsible for providing cash to the paymaster, who pays each bingo game winner.  Reconciles the bingo pack sales, special sales and money for the night in a preformatted excel financial tracking spreadsheet.  This is a perfect position for those who are savvy with finances and excel data entry and who would prefer to work in a room away from the bingo operations while the bingo games are being played.  Requires 2-3 training sessions. 

Paymaster:  Sells bingo packs at the start of the session from 5:00-7:00.  When the bingo games begin at 7:00, the paymaster is responsible for paying each player who wins each game.  We play 54 games each session.  Requires 1-2 training sessions.

Specials:  Sells extra progressive games at the counter beginning at 5:00.  Sells specials on the floor throughout the session.  Money is managed by the Counter Manager.  Requires 1-2 training sessions.

Instants Manager:  Manages overall instants sales for the evening.  Selects instants games sold at the counter.  Logs all games sold at the counter.  Sells instants games at the counter.  Reconciles all cash from instants sales for the night.  Requires 4-6 training sessions.

Assistant Instants Manager:  Assists both Instants Manager and Floor Worker Manager as needed.  Sells instants games at the counter.  Pays out all instant game winners throughout the session.  Requires 4-6 training sessions.

Floor Worker Manager:  Manages the sales of instants by the floor workers.  Selects instants games to be sold on the floor.  Logs all instants games sold.  Completes pay out slips for each game sold.  Reconciles money turned in by each floor worker.  Requires 4-6 training sessions. 

Bingo inventory positions:  Responsible for inventory of bingo paper used for sessions.  Builds bingo packs for each session.  This job is covered by 2 volunteers who alternate prep each week, done when convenient for each volunteer.  Prep is done at the American Legion.  Volunteer is not required to attend bingo sessions.  Requires 2-3 training sessions.



  • CGBD members must work their total yearly session requirements to fulfill their CGBD team support obligation. If a swimmer resigns from CGBD, the family would still be committed to fulfilling their Bingo obligation.
  • Sessions must be divided among 4 quarters. Sessions may not be carried from one quarter to the next. You will receive an email reminder if you sign up for more sessions than required.
  • Please sign up for all quarterly sessions during the first 7 days of the sign-up period. This allows the bingo coordinator to plan for open slots. If utilizing a substitute, please wait until after the initial sign-up period is over to sign up.
  • Sessions are locked 7 days prior to avoid last minute cancellations. If there is a problem or emergency, please reach out to the Bingo Coordinator as soon as possible at [email protected] for assistance.
  • Canceling a session within 24 hours will be considered a No-Show. All No-Shows require a make-up session plus one additional session. Please reschedule if a session is canceled due to weather.
  • Do not sign up for a trained position if you have not been trained. Trained positions are noted in SignUpGenius. Training opportunities will be available for those interested.
  • Super Volunteers must work a trained position. Super Volunteers who have not been officially trained must sign up as a floor worker until training has been completed and verified. Super Volunteers are not permitted to use a substitute.
  • Members using a substitute must sign up as a Floor Worker after the initial 7 day sign-up period. Please list the substitute’s name in the comments section. All substitutes must be approved.
  • Sessions are held at the American Legion, 368 American Legion Way, Newport News 23608. Please arrive promptly by 5:00PM. There is a snack bar open to purchase drinks and food. It is a non-smoking establishment.

Please email the Bingo Coordinator at [email protected] with any questions. We look forward to seeing you at Bingo!

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