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Read the information below, then, if you still have questions, check with any of the coaches for assistance.


Entering Swim Meets:

Q: How do I sign up to swim in a meet? 
A: After signing-in on the CGBD website, go to the Team Events section of the website (underneath the pictures on the homepage). Choose the meet that you would like to enter.

The following are the steps to enter your swimmer into a swim meet for CGBD using the team website,

 1. Access the team website via any computer, tablet, or smart phone with internet access

 2. Once on the website, log into your account.

 3. Once into your account, on the home page in the Team Event section (under the pictures on the home page) click on the meet you wish to enter your swimmer.

 4. Click on the Attend/Decline button.

5. On the following page you will see meet information and at the bottom a list of swimmers on your account.

6. Click on your swimmer’s name. If you have more than one swimmer you will need to click on each one independently.

7. On the following page you will see the swimmer’s name you selected along with a drop down menu giving you the choice of “yes” or “no.” Also, there is a notes section for any comments or information you would like to provide, i.e., not available for relays, must leave meet early on Saturday, does not wish to swim XXX event, etc.

8. If you select “yes” a list of eligible events for your swimmer will appear below the swimmer’s name.

 9. If you select “no” nothing else will appear. Your swimmer will not be entered into the meet. If you do not wish to enter your swimmer into a meet and do nothing, they still will not be entered into the meet, as swimmers are only entered if you complete the entry request and select “yes.”

10. When you are done making your selection you must hit the save button in the right corner, or your response will not be recorded.

Q: Which events should I sign up for? 
A: Discuss with your coach which events are appropriate.


Q: Where do entry times come from?/Can I submit alternate entry times? 
A: Entry times are generally a swimmer’s fastest legal time in an event recorded in our database.  For some meets, such as the state championships, only the fastest times achieved in the last year are considered.  A swimmer who does not have a time in an event may be entered by the coach with no-time or a time estimate from a similar event or a practice.  If you have alternate times for the coach to consider such as times from a high school meet, include them in the "Notes" section when you are signing-up for a meet.

Q: How do I know that my meet entries are accepted? 
A: When you select your child’s desired events at a meet, they will have a status of “committed". Coaches will review, update and finalize all entries after the entry deadline. Once this process is completed, each swimmer’s status will change to "approved", typically within a few days of the entry deadline. 

Q:  What is our meet entry deadline?

A:  It is the posted team meet entry deadline on the meet webpage.  It is NOT the entry deadline listed in the meet announcement.  Teams advance deadlines and coaches must approve and process entries.

Q:  Can I sign up my swimmer for a meet after the posted team meet entry deadline has passed?

A:   No.  Because we must give the host team our entries in a timely manner to provide the host sufficient time to properly plan the meet, we cannot accept meet entries after the deadline.  Delays in meet entries can cause our entries to not be accepted or keep other teams from entering the meet.

Q: If I have any questions about meet entries, who do I contact?

A:  Contact your primary coach or our team entry coordination, Coach John Poorman.  Please do not contact the host team meet director for questions/concerns regarding meet entries.

Q: How do I pay my meet fees? 
A: Meet entry fees are automatically added to your account balance and will be included in your next month’s bill.  


Other Common Questions

What happens if I choose my events now and then get best times at upcoming meets? Will my seed times be updated? Can I change events?

  • CGBD will always use the fastest results we are allowed to use for entry into championship competition.  
  • You may change your events on our website until a coach "approves" your entry. This generally happens after the CGBD entry deadline closes.

Can I have a coach help choose my events? What if I don’t know which events to swim?

  •  "Commit" to meet on our website, but don’t choose events. Your coaches will select your events for you and you will be billed for those selections. You can add notes to your coaches in the "notes" text box if you have specific requests or concerns.  Swimmers can talk to their coaches during practice to help decide events as well.


Using High School or Middle School Times

Swimmers are automatically entered into meets with their fastest times for each event that have been achieved while swimming for CGBD in a USA Swimming sanctioned meet.