Who do I contact with general team questions?

-Any CGBD Parent Board Member. Contact info is located under the "Parents" tab on the CGBD homepage. You can also click on the “CONTACT US” button on the left hand side of the main webpage

Who do I contact about CGBD Raffle related questions?

-Sharon Baldwin:  cgbd1@cox.net


Who do I contact about my Meet Volunteer Agreement?

-Sharon Baldwin Email:  cgbd1@cox.net

Who do I contact about accessing or problems with accessing my CGBD online account?

-Sharon Baldwin Email: cgbd1@cox.net

How do I view the CGBD roster?

-Sign into the CGBD website. At the top left of the page, click on "members". Search by group or location.




Who do I contact with Billing Questions?

-Sharon Baldwin, Team accounts manager. Email: cgbd1@cox.net

Where do I mail a check payment to?

-CGBD no longer accepts payment for registration or account invoices by check or cash. All accounts are to be paid by ACH or CC auto pay. Please view the CGBD Financial and Membership Agreement for additional information

What about transaction fees?

-CGBD charges transaction fees if paying your bill online with a Credit Card.

What if I don’t have my own credit card?

-Pre paid credit cards are available at most convenient, grocery and drug stores. You can load money on a pre paid card and use it to pay your CGBD bill online.  You may also use ACH for monthly invoice payment.

Why are the 3 installment and 12 month payment plans no longer available?

-In order to keep administrative costs down, CGBD no longer offer these payment plans. Multiple payment plans require additional monitoring and over time cost the team more money. Instead of raising dues, the payment options have been limited 9 installments or one lump sum to save on operational costs





What if I want my child to attend a different practice because of a conflict with other activities:

-It is expected that your swimmer will swim with their assigned group. Groups are carefully placed based on lane space and coach/swimmer ratios. If there is a conflict with your swimmer’s practice time please discuss the issue directly with your swimmer’s coach.

How do I know which meets to enter my swimmer in:

-Please discuss meet entries directly with your swimmer’s coach

How do I enter my swimmer into a swim meet?  click HERE


What is the OnDeck Mobile App? click HERE