Outreach Athlete Membership

USA Swimming, Virginia Swimming and Coast Guard Blue Dolphins (CGBD) offers an Outreach Membership at a reduced rate to swimmers/families who qualify on the basis of financial need.


Outreach Membership Qualifications:

The yearly income guidelines used by the local school district to qualify students for the National School Lunch Program Free or Reduced Meals will be used to qualify a swimmer for USA Swimming/Va. Swimming/CGBD Outreach Membership. A swimmer does not have to participate in the actual lunch program in order to qualify for Outreach Membership.

  • National Free or Reduced Meals Program verification form or letter;
  • Medicaid card;
  • Food Stamp Letter;



Outreach Membership Benefits:

Once a year USA Swimming membership/CGBD Registration fees


Monthly Dues:


Monthly Training Fees (1,2,3 swimmers.  4+swimmers free)



Blue, Blue +


Gold, Gold +




Age Group




High School Prep




National Prep


National Team




Swim Meet Entry Fees: Meet fees will be waived for families that qualify.




Outreach Membership Application Procedure:


  1. The family notifies CGBD Team Administrator that they are eligible for this program.
  2.  CGBD will complete and submit a Outreach Membership request to the Virginia Swimming Registration Chairperson. To maximize the family's privacy any documentation provided will not be forwarded to Virginia Swimming or any other person or organization unless they request to review it.
  3. After the Va. Swimming Registration Chairperson approves the Outreach Membership, the family receives the program benefits for that swim season. The application for this program needs to be completed each season.