About Us

Coastal Virginia Aquatic Club


At Coastal Virginia Aquatic Club, we are dedicated to the development of coachable and successful athletes through all levels of competitive swimming. By keeping the fun and strategy in training through technique and skill development, endurance, teamwork, commitment, sportsmanship, and team spirit, we strive to instill a lifelong love of swimming.


Vision Statement

Creating leaders of the lane, in the group, on the team, and throughout life.


Never complacent...

Coastal Virginia Aquatic Club is focused on continuous improvement at every level of the program, from the leadership and structure of the team, through the practices of the coaching staff, and in the techniques being taught and refined within the swimmers. CVAC is committed to providing the highest level of instruction and training to each individual swimmer. The coaching staff functions as one unit and meets regularly to determine the best path forward to provide continuity between groups and for each team member to reach his or her potential.


Parent Involvement

A parent advisory board consisting of representatives from each group will be formed, along with position members. The purpose of this group is to advise the coaching staff of what the families would like to enact, what is working, what should be ammended, and what should be removed as a practice for CVAC. The final decision for taking action will rest with the head coach.

The board will also assist with different functions of the team; fundraising, team banquets, awards, social events, etc. 

Other functions of the board may be included after its inception.



Seasonal registration fee: $200 (Includes USA Swimming Registration, three CVAC T-shirts for wearing at meets, Cap)

There is no contract. You can choose to pay monthly, or pay for the season in advance.

                               Monthly:        Short Course Season:          Long Course Season:

Green Group:          $125                       $850                                 $500

White Group:           $150                       $1,000                               $600

Red Group:             $175                       $1,200                               $700

Blue Group:             $225                       $1,500                               $900

A 10% discount will be given for a second child of a family, 20% for the 3rd child, and 30% for every additional child.

Additionally, there will be required fund-raiser participation in Swim-A-Thon, Splash ‘N’ Dash competitions, and/or triathalon fund-raisers.

Meet Fees:

Meet fees will be charged to families for each meet accordingly.



CVAC is Commitment (High levels of practice attendance) and Consistency (full effort in all that is done).  Training is competitive and aerobic-based and designed to produce a complete athlete in and out of the water.  Emphasis is on developing all 4 strokes with equal skill and utilizing modern dryland techniques to develop a strong injury-free athlete. Simultaneously, coaches will work to instill  love of the sport through dynamic activities within work-outs.


Training philosophy is integrated throughout all groups.  The CVAC philosophy will be far-reaching, with the Head Coach’s leadership at both the upper levels and the developmental levels.


The CVAC brand is a high level of competency in all strokes, ensuring that a strong aerobic base is developed to provide for high levels of training at the top group and beyond – into collegiate swimming.



Competition emphasizes local meets with heavy emphasis on participating at the highest-level championship meet achieved.


Competition has Regional, East Coast, Junior National and National Championship emphasis.  Travel is essential.  Olympic Trial qualifiers are a long-term goal for the program.


          CVAC/ Board

The Head Coach is responsible for the Parent Advisory Board being well informed in all policy, event and issue-oriented communications.


CVAC members are our clients.  The Head Coach is responsible for all communication to the general membership.  Each group coach is responsible for communicating to the swimmers and parents of their groups.  Communication shall be timely, clear and concise.  Standards for communication and problem solving are defined in the CVAC Code of Conduct.


Swimming can be a quagmire of information for new parents.  To simplify and focus communication, each group will have a “Pool Representative”: a volunteer parent who has multiple years of experience in the sport and who is available to help answer any questions. 


Coaches meetings will occur regularly for purposes of communicating, planning, tracking goals, organizing competitions and education.


Meetings: Team meetings (at least one per season), Group meetings (encouraged one per month) one on one meetings with swimmers and/or parents (as needed)

E-mail:  Weekly updates will be delivered for each group, addressing training/schedule, meet results, future competitions, general issues and team functions.