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We currently have a number of a number of fundraising programs available to help families meet their fundraising obligations.  Below is a list and description of some of these programs and how you can use them.

Fundraising Agreement:

The Fundraising Agreement is available on our Membership Information Page.


More Info to follow. 

Kroger Plus Card Program

The Kroger Reloadable Gift Card program is no longer available by Kroger. We are in the process of moving to their new system called the Kroger Plus Card Program. Please Review this note from our Fundraising Coordinator- Sarah Mathes

To register your existing Kroger Plus Card, Please follow the instructions below or use this link to the Kroger Community Rewards Page

Kroger Instruction Sheet

If you have further questions about the Kroger Plus Card, please contact Sarah Mathes at [email protected]


Sponsor Letters and Heat Sheet Sales

Selling Heat Sheet Ads is a great way to not only raise money for our team and meet your fundraising requirement, but also to spread the word about H2okie Aquatics to local community members and businesses.  Use the letters and forms below to bring to local businesses and ask them if they would like to support H2okie Aquatics.


Poinsettia Sales- Deadline for Orders: NOVEMBER 30, 2020

Our team started doing a poinsettia fundraiser during the 2018-2019 Short Course season and we had enormous success.  This season we will be selling them again.  Please click here for the hard copy of the poinsettia form.  Please use this form to show people the different colors that are available.  Once you have your final totals, please enter them into the online form

Costs:  $12 per plant.

Fundraising amount:  $6/plant is credited back to your fundraising requirement.

Deadline for orders is November 30, 2020!!!  

Delivery: ON or Around Dec 2, 2020



Some families choose to simply make a donation for their fundraising obligation.  NRVA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.  Making a donation is a simple and easy way to fulfill your families fundraising obligation.


Other Methods

This is by no means meant to be a complete list of ways to fulfill your fundraising obligation.  In the past, we have had several families find creative ways or use their personal talents to fulfill their fundraising obligations.  We welcome you to think of new and inventive ways to fulfill your fundraising requirements.  In addition, our fundraising committee is constantly looking for new ways to make fundraising simple and effective for our members.