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Withdrawal Terms

1) By submitting this form, I understand that my swimmer(s) will no longer be eligible to attend practices, meets, or functions with the team beginning on the withdrawal date I select in the 'NRVA & H2okie Aquatics Withdrawal Form' below. 

2) I understand that regardless of the date I selected, I am responsible for paying any charges I have incurred or will incur before my withdrawal date and any remaining outstanding balances, including membership dues, meet fees, or other charges.

3) If I am eligible for a refund, it will be sent to my address on file, unless I request otherwise, and may take 2 to 6 weeks to arrive.

4) Should my swimmer(s) wish to rejoin, I may be responsible for paying the registration fee and/or fulfilling any volunteering/fundraising obligations remaining on my account (or pay equivalent fees).

5) I understand that I am still a member of the program and responsible for all membership dues until I receive a "Confirmation of Withdrawal" email from the team registrar AND not until the withdrawal date I select.


Follow these steps to formally withdraw from the team:

STEP 1) Complete the withdrawal form using the link below:

NRVA & H2okie Aquatics Withdrawal Form

STEP 2) Once the withdrawal form is received and reviewed, you will receive a “Confirmation of Withdrawal” email from the registrar notifying you that your swimmer(s) have been officially withdrawn from the team and of any outstanding balances remaining on your account

STEP 3) Your billing will stop on or after the withdrawal date you select once all of your outstanding balances have been paid in full