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H2okie Aquatics Consists of 3 Programs: Stroke School, the Age Group Program, and the Senior Program.  Swimmers move through the different levels of each program as they develop the physical, mental, and emotional skills necessary for success at the next level.  Swimmers entering our program for the first time will meet with a coach and be placed in the appropriate group based on that swimmer's age and ability level.  Below is a brief description of our 3 programs.

Stroke School

Our Stroke School Program is designed for swimmers that are still early in their swimming development. The primary focus of the Stroke School program is developing the fundamentals of the four competitive strokes including establishing proper swimming body position, learning to breathe efficiently, building the coordination for the arms and legs to work together while swimming, and learning dives, turns, and more.  There are 3 levels of Stroke School: SS1, SS2, and SS3. Stroke School swimmers have either a M/W or T/H weekday schedule as well as a Sunday option for all groups.  SS1, SS2, and SS3 may choose to practice 2-3 days per week.  Swimmers are placed in the appropriate level based on their skill development.

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Age Group Program

Our Age Group Program is designed for swimmers who have swam competitively before, either with a summer league swim team, or with H2okie Aquatics or another competitive swim program.  Stroke refinement is the major focus of the Age Group program.  As swimmers progress through the Age Group Program, they will develop 4 proper, efficient strokes, begin to increase their daily training volume, and begin to execute the fundamentals of training and racing. There are 3 levels of the Age Group Program: AG1, AG2, and AG3. Swimmers are placed in the appropriate level based on their physical ability, skill development, and maturity level.

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Senior Program

Our Senior Program is designed for swimmers who are 13-18 years. The goal of the Senior Program is to group swimmers together who have similar goals and provide the instruction, motivation, and training necessary to help every swimmer achieve their goals in this sport.  There are 3 levels of the Senior program: SR1, SR2, and SR3.  Swimmers are placed in the appropriate level based on their physical ability, skill development, commitment level, and practice/meet performance. 

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Middle School/Senior Prep Program

The Middle School/Senior Prep Program is designed for swimmers 11-17 years old who desire to improve their stroke technique and fitness without a focus on competitive swimming.  Some swimmers use the Middle School/Senior Prep program to bridge the gap from recreational swimming or swim lessons to competitive swimming, but most are not interested in participating in swim meets.  The focus of the program is on the development of the 4 strokes and learning the fundamentals of efficiency in the water.  Swimmers are placed into this level based on age and ability.

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