The Cavalier Process


The process is a growth track which will provide a platform of development from our very youngest swimmers until they reach an age in which they depart the program for college.  This process will focus on developing a love for the sport, growth of individual swimmer (swim skills, athletic skills, understanding of technique, training, confidence, leadership, etc.), sense of team/family, and learning to embrace the process through ownership, growth mindset, commitment, and resiliency.  


  • Initial Entry Focus (Junior Hoos): Create a fun, energetic, creative environment where swimmers learn to love the sport and cultivate friendships, while implementing basic skills in order to provide a long-term platform for development.


  • Early Age Group Focus (Wahoos, Sabres): Coaches will continue to foster a love for the sport and team while beginning to introduce basic training skills.  There will also be an initiative to create practices which begin to create a 5-stroke swimmer who is proficient in all 4 competitive strokes, while also introducing the 5th stroke: underwater, general kick.


  • Advanced Age Group Focus (Sabres, Cavaliers): Following the introduction of training skills in the previous step, swimmers will begin to further develop their understanding of advanced skills and training in preparation for senior swimming.  This will also include a better understanding of the swimming process regarding ownership, responsibility, commitment, perseverance, and beginning entry into goal setting.  The subject of the team and learning how positive attitude and selflessness towards one’s coaches, teammates, and Cavalier Aquatics will allow all to better achieve. 


  • Senior Level Focus (Senior Group): Continued refining of technical and training skills, while introducing mindful goal setting focused on achieving at the swimmer's highest potential.  Goals will consist of attaining competitive cuts to top regional and national competitions.  Beyond this, there will be further development of team concepts and leadership within the program.  There should be an understanding beyond one’s self and mindfulness that the younger swimmers aspire to reach our senior level.  The way we represent ourselves will reflect positively on Cavalier Aquatics and inspire those younger athletes in the program.  Our senior level swimmers will be prepared in every facet in order to transition smoothly into college and their collegiate swim programs.  


  • Collegiate Focus (College): To positively exemplify Cavalier Aquatics through strong academics, sense of team concept, growth mindset, work ethic, and focus on becoming one’s most elite self in and out of the pool.  They will have respect for the program which supported them through their club career and will feel a responsibility to give back to the current coaches, swimmers, and program.  These swimmers understand the positive impact they can make through their words and actions.