Swim Meet Sign-up Procedure Tutorial


All competitive swim program members will need to proactively enter themselves into meets by the designated sign-up deadline. All of this must be done within your Team Unify account.

Please note, the meet deadline listed on our event page is your deadline for signing up/opting out. The meet invitation from the meet host will also list a deadline, but this is the deadline for teams to have entries sent in, it has nothing to do with you signing up/opting out. You will find that our deadline is usually several weeks ahead of the meet invitation deadline. This is so our coaches have time to select the events for our swimmers and to get the entries into the host early (many meets fill up quickly, so waiting until the invitation-stated deadline may mean we get shut out of the meet).

Below are some instructions on how to manage your swimmer’s swim meet sign-up process:

1.      Log in to your Team Unify account at swimcavs.org

2.      Scroll down on the home page and look for "Upcoming Events" on the right side

3.      Select the meet you’re interested in making changes to (sign-up, opt-out, select days, leave notes, view entries, etc.)

4.      Click ‘Edit Commitment’

5.      Click on your child’s name

6.      If you are signing up (or opting out if your plans have changed), in the Declaration box, select the appropriate response.

7.      If the sign-up shows sessions, select the session(s) your child will attend, otherwise, just select 'Yes'.

8.      If you have any comments for the coaches, enter them into the Notes section below the Declaration box.  Samples of things you might want the coaches to know include:

·         You cannot attend certain days of the meet (this is somewhat redundant to #7 above, but a good way to ensure you're not entered into days you cannot attend)

·         Your child really wants to swim a certain event* (if the list of events is showing up under your account, do not select preferred events.  If we have system issues, those indications are lost.  Only the Notes are retained).


9.      SAVE CHANGES(bottom right corner button)

10.      Repeat for additional children

* Keep in mind with event requests that the coaches will take those into consideration, but there are no guarantees they will be honored.  Think of it like on a baseball team, your child really likes to play first base, but the coach needs them at 3rd.  The coaches make these decisions sometimes on the basis of what’s best for the team and sometimes what they think (in their professional opinion) is the best for the swimmer’s development.