Blue Group



Group Description

The Blue group is the top high school group offered at Cavalier Aquatics and will be geared toward the most committed athletes on the team. Swimmers who have qualified for Y Nationals and high school swimmers who project to have Y National time standards will be invited into the group. Swimmers in this group are expected to compete in all meets offered, including the top-level meets.  They are leaders of the Cavalier Aquatics program. The Blue group will have an advanced training program that will focus on the individual's specific training needs. An emphasis will be placed on individualized training, endurance training, strength training, resistance training, race strategies, time management, goal setting, and swimming in college. There will also be a daily focus on kicking and technique work. 

Group Requirements

-YMCA National time standard or projects to qualify for YMCA Nationals

-Required 5 swimming work outs + 2 dryland workouts.

-Training and competing both during the short course and long course season.

-Minimum training parameters:

Girls-10 x 100 Swim (1:20)/Kick 1:40

Boys-10 x 100 Swim (1:15)/Kick 1:40


*Placement into the Blue group requires a commitment to both the swimming and dryland portion of the program. All swimmers who are placed in the group will be held accountable the Coach for practice requirements.


The Blue swimmers will practice at the Brooks YMCA 

Practice Offered Weekly:

-3x 2-hour morning swimming workouts

-3x 2.5 hour morning workouts

-1x 1.5 hour afternoon swimming workout (Double for Blue)

-3x 45 minute weekly dryland workouts

Season Length

- September 8th – July 30th

Coaching Assignments:​

Gary Taylor (Lead), Hunter Mitchell (Assist), Conor Hassard (Assist), & Ariel Howard (Assist)